Catalyst Present The Full Line Up For Shadowrun, Sixth Edition

May 10, 2019 by dracs

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Catalyst Game Labs have previewed the run of releases coming out for Shadowrun, Sixth Edition, including rulebooks, sourcebooks, and various others pieces to help your games.

There's a lot to go through, so let's get started.

Sixth World

Starting off, we have the various books and rule sets supporting the new edition, including the previously announced Beginner Box.

As you might expect, this set is geared to help you get started in the classic cyber-fantasy world of Shadowrun, including quick-start rules, characters, magic cards, dice, and so on.

Quickstart sets like these make for the perfect way to get to grips with both a game's rules and its setting and as a GM myself, they're an extremely useful resource and leave you ready to tackle the Core Rulebook.

The Core Rulebook will be hitting the shelves this August. It aims to update the game to make it both more accessible and allow for faster conflict resolution.

Of course, before you can run a game in this world, you need to know more about it. That's where the supplements Neo-Anarchist Streepedia and No Future come in.

Neo-Anarchist Streepedia (releasing in June) details the universe of Shadowrun, including it various corporations, nations, politicians, and criminal organisations, while No Future (releasing in July) goes into the culture of the Sixth World.

It should be noted that a PDF version of No Future was released earlier this year for fifth edition. However, it will now be appearing as a physical release with its rule section updated for sixth, with a free updated pdf going out to those who previously purchased it.

What's In The Cards?

Meanwhile, Catalyst are also planning a load of supplements to help support the game when it's released, including card decks, miniatures, and more.

The Rogue's Gallery deck provides you with a host of usable NPCs. Each comes with a brief bit of backstory, a hook, and game stats, making these cards extremely useful for either building a story around or bringing out whenever you find yourself in need of a character in a hurry.

The Dice & Edge Tokens set help make sure you have all the bits and pieces you need to play out your games.

These will be appearing alongside the Prime Runner Miniatures coming out in August.

Come September, you'll be able to keep all of these hidden behind the new GM Screen.

Interestingly, this screen comes with a series of inserts to change up the visuals for the players, as well as a series of card inserts inside the screen to help the GM keep track of everything going on in the game.

Tell New Tales

Towards the end of the year, Shadowrun fans can also expect new stories to experience in the world.

These take the form either of Cutting Black, a story which is set to "shake the Shadowrun setting and inspire game campaigns for months or longer."

Alternatively, you can play through the upcoming campaign book 30 Nights, taking you to the future setting of Toronto, a city plagued by a mysterious blackout.

All of these go together to give Shadowrun fans a lot to look forward to, with plenty of new ways to delve into the setting.

I am getting excited to find out more about the new edition, especially as it is set to be easier for newcomers to get into the game.

Thanks to @tekwych for bringing this to our attention.

What sort of character do you plan to play in Shadowrun?

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