FOX Confirms X-Files To Return For Six New Episodes

March 25, 2015 by brennon

FOX have confirmed that Mulder & Scully are coming back to your screens in six new episodes of The X-Files with both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on board to start filming this summer...

The X Files

The world is filled with plenty of conspiracy theories and unexplained events nowadays so it seems like a perfect time for the show to return. I must admit that I never really got into The X-Files when it was on TV the first time around but I'm all for some investigative speculation and alien nonsense. I should probably start cluing myself in to what's happened already in the show before it returns!

X-Files Board Game

As a gamer however this also brings up some interesting options for the tabletop. I reckon the world of The X-Files would make an awesome one to role-play in. Admittedly you could tweak many different systems to make this work and World of Darkness would be one of them with their Mortal rules.

A board game does exist (pictured above) but it's not very highly rated on Board Game Geek. Could be worth taking a look at it though from IDW Games if you're a die hard fan.

Will you be watching this six episode series?

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