See If You Can Survive As Alien: The Roleplaying Game Launches

December 11, 2019 by brennon

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Fria Ligan has now made Alien: The Roleplaying Game available over on their webstore. There is quite a flurry of folks trying to get their hands on it so they're already warning people that they might have to wait for the second printing of it!

Alien RPG Core Book - Fria Ligan

Alien puts you in the boots of those absolutely petrified explorers, scientists and marines who have headed out into the depths of space where no-one can hear you scream. The xenomorphs are stalking through your ship and across alien planets and they are aren't showing any mercy.

Everything in Alien is harsh and unforgiving where corporate drones and synthetics ply their ulterior motives as you just try and survive! The game also comes with two different modes of play which sound fun to mess around with.

  • Cinematic Play is based on pre-made scenarios that emulate the dramatic arc of an ALIEN film. Designed to be played in a single session, this game mode emphasizes high stakes and fast and brutal play. You are not all expected to survive. The core rulebook contains one complete Cinematic scenario.
  • Campaign Play is designed for longer continuous play with the same cast of player characters over many game sessions, letting you explore the ALIEN universe freely, sandbox style. The core rulebook contains random tables and other powerful tools to quickly create star systems, colonies, missions, encounters, and NPCs for your campaign.

This sounds great and I love the idea of the Cinematic Play mode as a way of playing out an evening session rather than being tied into a larger narrative. Being hunted by something as dangerous as a xenomorph and also having to deal with the machinations of your crewmates sounds like a perfect way to spend some time at the tabletop.

Bundle It Up

As well as the Core Rulebook available separately, there is also a bundled copy of the game with all sorts of extras.

Alien RPG Bundle - Fria Ligan

Inside this bigger bundle, you can get your hands on...

  • The 392-page ALIEN RPG core book in Standard Edition
  • Two sets of custom dice (10 Base Dice and 10 Stress Dice)
  • GM Screen
  • Deck of 50 custom cards (for initiative, weapons, and NPCs)
  • Maps & Markers Pack
  • Complete PDFs of the core rulebook and the Maps & Markers Pack. These will be sent to you within a few days after purchase.

...and whilst all of this is available separately as well you do make a little bit of a saving with the big set all together like this. I suppose if you are a mega Alien fan then this might be the route that you go down.

The artwork throughout the game looks amazing and everything that has been done with this project screams out that this is a project which has been made to really satisfy the Alien fans out there. I think this could be a lot of fun to play through and I am fascinated to see if they can get that horror element of the films and their desperation on point.

Will you be grabbing this?

"I am fascinated to see if they can get that horror element of the films and their desperation on point..."

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