Halo: Ground Command Announced By Spartan Games

March 25, 2016 by brennon

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Spartan Games have announced the coming of  a game based in the Halo-verse. This will be Halo: Ground Command which is a 15mm (1:100th) battle game where you'll be able to use all the classic Halo vehicles the UNSC and the Covenant have to offer.

Halo Ground Command

Here's what Neil Fawcett had to say...

“We’re pretty stoked about the arrival of Halo: Ground Command and we can’t wait for players around the world to experience the fun we have been having as we created the models and core rules,”

“Halo fans are used to seeing ground warfare from a first person perspective, but with this game we step back and embrace the whole battlefield where we see entire Battle Groups engaging with each other. Players can deploy units of Troopers, Grunts, Elites, ODST, Elite Rangers, Warthogs, Scorpions, Wraiths, Ghosts… the list goes on!”

"This is a true wargame that brings together tanks, soldiers and flyers in a hobby format we are sure will see gamers create stunning battlefields upon which they can fight epic games using their stunning armies.”

“As we created the rules we made sure that the Halo canon was adhered to, generating those cinematic moments of excitement, and always looked to keep the gameplay fast, intuitive and bloody.”

The game is going to embrace some awesome game mechanics including the reaction engine which means no unit is ever totally safe. The game should launch with a two player starter set as well as upgrade boxes for the UNSC and the Covenant.

Watch out for The Weekender on Saturday 26th March 2016 for a full interview from us going into more detail about the game.

Will you be watching this one?

"The game should launch with a two player starter set as well as upgrade boxes for the UNSC and the Covenant..."

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