Plast Craft Games Cover Your Board In Bourak Terrain

April 5, 2014 by brennon

Plast Craft Games have been doing some stunning Infinity based terrain over the past few months and it's set to continue this month as well. See what you think of these awesome looking Bourak Terrain made for Corvus Belli's game...

Bourak Terrain

As you can see it is very different from the current terrain they have been offering giving a more 'off world' feel to your board. I love all the curves they have going on breaking up the straight lines we're used to seeing with big blocky terrain. That's what some of it looks all together but below are a variety of the packs on offer.

Caliph's Garden

Planetary Observatory

Energy Tower

Defensive Walls


Archway Pack

Building Pack

As you can see there is a bunch of different sets that will be heading to a tabletop near you soon. I think that while a whole board looking like this would be awesome it would be neat to mix them in with some of the existing terrain to make a bit more of a colonised look.

I think a fair few of you are going to be loving this stuff and you can check more of it out on the links above.

Will you build your board with this in mind?

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