Boooo Hoooo No Weekender This Weekend!

March 1, 2013 by lloyd

Well its been a cracking week of MERCS but behind the scenes we have had quite a challenging week.

Between hospital visits for Warren (a heavily pregnant partner and dehydration don't mix!) and β€˜Ming the Infectionless’ becoming well... infected... it has taken quite a toll on the little team here, so we're going to give the weekender a skip for one week to give us time to recuperate and get planning and production back on track.

It also means we can lock Romain in the studio to come up with some delicious painting tutorials, to be fair its more like Romain locking us out!

Anyway, no need to worry because next saturday morning will be filled with our hobby BS (and XLBS).

In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend and watch out for an Article from @warzan tomorrow instead...

PS: Feel free to send friend requests to any of the BoW Team members πŸ™‚

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