Tor Gaming Preview Their Feudal Ridend In New Renders

April 5, 2015 by dracs

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Tor Gaming are working on a new faction of goblinoid miniatures named the Ridend who are getting ready to go medieval on the enemy's backside.

Let Your Arrows Fly

First we get to see the archers of the Ridend, made up by their serf peasantry.

Ridend Archers

Ridend Archers Back

Archers were traditionally looked down upon as being a dishonourable form of warfare by Ridendean society, but with the world of Relicia the way it is this prejudice has quickly faded. While they might not have the accuracy or hitting power of the other factions' ranged weapons, a group of these archers together still provides vital support for such a feudal army.

We Fight on Foot

Of course, a feudal army would not be complete without honourable knights and the Ridend Foot Knights are taking to the field in search of glory.

Foot Knight

Foot Knight 2

Foot Knight 3

The Knights of the Ridend must all start their quest for advancement by serving among the foot soldiers and men-at-arms of the peasantry, providing a valuable link between the elite ruling class and their subjects.

Given how sinister most of the factions of Relics, the Ridend's focus upon feudal ideals of honour are a rather refreshing addition, while their goblin-like design puts me in mind of some of the creatures you would find in Jim Henson's fantasy movies.

What are your thoughts about the Ridend?

"The Ridend's focus upon feudal ideals of honour are a rather refreshing addition."

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