TURN 8… it’s time to have your say!

September 21, 2011 by beerogre


Hi Guys...

We announced it last week live on TURN 8, now it's here...

What would you like to see in TURN 8, what sort of discussions or topics would you like to see covered?

You can join our TURN 8 discussion group now, where you can post a topic and tell us what you want to see... it's interactive TV at its best!

Of course we can't take all of your suggestions on striaght away, but if your topic doesn't make it onto the show, then there's nothing to say it won't make it onto a future show.

So what are you waiting for... click the link and join up...


If you have any moans, groans, criticisms or gripes about the show, this is also the place to put them...

I wonder which we'll get more off?

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