TURN 8 – Gen Con 2011, Carnevale and lots of Chat… not just from Warren!

August 11, 2011 by beerogre


So another TURN 8 ends and this time we nearly stuck to our plan for an hour long show.

What did we cover?

Well there was the Forge Father release... Gen Con 2011... our Monthly Painting Competition and the mysterious Carnevale!

I hope you guys enjoyed watching us as much as we enjoyed making it... and stay tuned, if you want to know why we're trying to get the show down to an hour!

If you know of any "bricks & mortar" hobby stores that might be interested in a collaboration with Beasts of War, then tell the owner to email warren @ beastsofwar.com (with no spaces obviously) or you can send us a link to their website so that we can drop them a line.

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