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What’s in the Box: Ultraforge Giant, Gobber Tinker & Anarchy Models Tank Bitz!


It's that time of the week again! This time we have a bumper pack of goodies to show you including the Ultraforge Merc Giant, Anarchy Models Tank Bitz & the Goblin Tinker!

Ultraforge: Greater Wardemon – Vrock – Demon Prince


The guys have been sent some Ultraforge miniatures and Justin has dragged Mike into the studio to wax lyrical about the coolness of these amazing center pieces. The prize this time is for one of the three...

Ultraforge Is Back With A Winged Demon In 2013


Check out this mighty demon from the world of Ultraforge...

Plague Demon from Ultraforge


Time for another video about Ultraforge Miniatures... starring ME!

The Wardemon From Ultraforge Miniatures


Well guy's I've has been let loose in the store room again and have got out another Ultraforge model this time its the Wardemon.

Ultraforge Greater Wardemon available at Huddersfield Games


In today’s un-boxing, the guys have let me off the leash to go hunting for something off topic.

The Vrock From Ultraforge


The guys have let me off the leash again to go hunting for something off topic. What I've found is another big nasty demon from Ultraforge Miniatures.

Last Minute Xmas Madness! – Ultraforge on Huddersfield Games


Are you looking for a sizable Xmas pressie at short notice? Why not have a look at some of the super-sized monsters from Ultraforge!

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