Last Minute Xmas Madness! – Ultraforge on Huddersfield Games

December 14, 2010 by beerogre

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Ho-ho-ho my little Christmas Crackers!

Ultraforge at Huddersfield Games

The last week has been a bit of a rush and what with Xmas fast approaching, I thought I would try to squeeze in one last teaser for all you fans of super-sized miniatures... what do I mean?

I mean the massive sized miniatures from Ultraforge (available in the UK from Huddersfield Games).

These guys do some great work and produce some fantastic figures to represent those massive monsters that no evil army should be without... Demons... Giants... and more besides...

So if your stuck for a Xmas idea, or you already thought you had everything, then you could do far worse than ordering yourself a massive Dragon or perhaps a Pleasure Demon... if you're feeling so inclined...

Oh... and another thing... if you're in the UK and would normally have to shell out a small fortune for P&P from the states. Then worry no longer!

Ultraforge have a UK stockist. So why not stop by and visit the fine gentlemen at Huddersfield Games who will be only to pleased to help you out.

Huddersfield Games

Happy Holidays!
BoW Andy

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