Deathtrap Dungeon Video Game Returns To Steam!

October 7, 2013 by brennon

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The 1998 Deathtrap Dungeon video game for the Playstation and PC has made it's way back onto your screens through Steam. The Fighting Fantasy action adventure game is back but showing it's age!

Deathtrap Dungeon #1

Deathtrap Dungeon #2

Deathtrap Dungeon #3

This edition of Deathtrap Dungeon shows you taking to the castle as either the Amazon or Barbarian looking to defeat foes and dastardly traps of all kinds. It's meant to echo the book of the same name but I think that with these ancient graphics we might be seeing a game that only appeals to the nostalgic.

Deathtrap Dungeon #4

Deathtrap Dungeon #5

It's like looking back in time to a childhood of gaming! The game actually received some positive responses when it was first out all those years ago but it'll be interesting to see how folks view it now.

I think that Fighting Fantasy might have been better off handing out the code for the interactive book versions of their adventures and putting those on Steam. I reckon that would have gone down a lot better than this offering.

Worth a nostalgic trip?

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