Doctor Who Adventure Games Now Available On Steam

March 24, 2014 by brennon

The Doctor Who Adventure Game came out a few years ago thanks to the BBC and you can go and check them out on the Fun & Games section of their Doctor Who sub-site now. But, they are also available on Steam...

Who Screenshot #1

Who Screenshot #2

Who Screenshot #3

Who Screenshot #4

It's genuinely considered that these are some of the best (and only) Doctor Who games out there and the Steam version brings together all the episodic releases into one package. With that in mind however a word of warning.

If you live in the UK it seems that currently there is no reason to buy this from Steam as there are downloads for it on the link I added above, for free. If you live outside the UK then you might want to consider it but only if you are a die hard Whovian.

Of course the Steam version comes with integration into it's systems but I don't think that's worth the price tag for us UK folk. I've put a little gameplay play through from Stedal above too, see if you like it!

Did you play this when it came out?

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