Doctor Who: Legacy Mobile Game Launches

November 27, 2013 by brennon

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BBC’s free to play game Doctor Who: Legacy from Tiny Rebel Games was announced the other week. Today it is out, Wednesday 27th November, and we can get our hands on it. The game is set to play out over the course of the latest season.

Doctor Who Legacy Companions

Doctor Who Legacy Screenshot

The game is being built as a puzzle game that is accessible to all gamers, from young to old and allows you to combine companions and Doctors from the recent series before taking on a game that looks a lot like Bejewelled.

Admittedly it doesn't look anything like I'd expected it would but it's free, so you can't complain that much! Might be worth downloading this one to see if it's a bit of quick fun while you're sitting on the loo!

Submitted by Daniel Ryan

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