The Fall Of Rome & Attila The Hun Next For Total War!

September 26, 2014 by brennon

The next Total War game has been revealed by Creative Assembly and it focuses in on Attila the Hun and the fall of the Roman Empire. It's essentially Barbarian Invasion II if I'm being honest but it does look fun!

Battle #1


Battle #2

Saxon Vs Roman

You can watch the full run down from Eurogamer above but the new campaign sees you taking control of a fractured Roman Empire, or indeed (hopefully) one of the barbarian nations knocking at the gates of Rome. You'll be fighting across the biggest starting Empire that they've made in a game so it will be quite the challenge.

A whole bunch of features from the past games have returned including family trees, better technology trees and a more robust diplomacy system. As well as that battles have of course had an upgrade with the ability to change the battlefield, especially in sieges. You can erect hastily made barricades to funnel enemies or hold them back just long enough to reform your defences.

Last but not least one of the coolest additions is the way you can utterly abandon regions and raze cities to the ground. Being pursued by a Saxon army and have no chance of taking them on? Burn down the city and the region as you leave denying your enemy the resources to continue fighting.

As quite a lot of us love the Dark Ages it will be interesting to see how this game may develop with additional content in the future!

Will you be getting this?

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