Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth Brings New Life To Warcraft III!

March 15, 2015 by brennon

Something a bit different for lunchtime folks! A lot of you will probably be familiar with Warcraft and the MMORPG but it also started off as an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game and people have wanted it to go back to that for a long time now. Well, Armies of Azeroth is here to reboot the graphics of Warcraft III and bring it to the PC once more...

Armies of Azeroth #1

Armies of Azeroth #2

Armies of Azeroth #3

...as well as this being a really cool reboot, which you can also see in action in the gameplay video above, it also bought about thinking on how cool a miniatures game would have been if it hadn't just been pre-paints.

If they'd got a great studio on this and really thought about it I reckon we could have had some amazing kits for the Horde and the Alliance as well as the big beasts of the Warcraft world. I think it would easily work as a scaled game too because you fight both skirmishes and big battles in the RTS.

For Warcraft fans however, enjoy Armies of Azeroth!

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