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Weekender XLBS: More Boardgame Love From Games Workshop & Must See Imperial Assault Paint Jobs


Sit back and relax, it's The Weekender XLBS. We have some really interesting topics this week including Games Workshop's move to board games and a rather fantastic collection of Star Wars miniatures.

Meet Hul’Gren From Voodooworx & Read Their Tales


Voodooworx have added another character to their webstore that develops their Fantasy world with Hul'Gren The Collector.

Voodooworx Work On Humans From The Kingdom Of Ariad


If you like noble human warriors with a barbarian past then how about the Kingdom of Ariad Swordsmen that are being concepted by Voodooworx?

Voodooworx Offers New Collectors Hau’Rax Model


Voodooworx have added a Collectors Series version of Hau'Rax The Butcher to their webstore. This 75mm painting project is in limited supply right now (there are seventeen left at time of writing) so if you want one, take a look...

Meet The Oldest Halfling Ever With Voodooworx’s Ulfan’Rax


Check out this amazingly weird and wonderful looking Elder named Ulfan’Rax for Voodooworx's Halfling range.

Look Into The Future With A Preview From Voodooworx!


See what you think of the more sage and wise looking Halfling called Ulfan'rax the Farseeing from Voodooworx?

VoodooWorx Show Off Their First Halfling Miniature!


See how the stunning Hau'Rax looks now he's finally on sale from VoodooWorx Miniatures. They've also shown off a miniature for 2015 and I hope we get to see a lot more from these guys.

Voodooworx Show Off Their Finished Halfling Warlord!


Voodooworx Miniatures show off the finalised version of their Halfling Warlord model that will soon be up on a webstore!

Voodooworx Show Off The Leaders Of Their Halfling Band


The heads of the Voodooworx Miniatures Halfling army come out to show off their rather odd bling.

Voodooworx Show Off Halfling Weapons Of Choice


Voodooworx are working on their Halflings and the next step is choosing their weapon of choice.

New Company Voodooworx Previews Halflings


See what you think of the 2014 offerings for the world of Voodooworx. These are some deadly looking Halflings!

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