A Grey Knight Suits Up for War in The Lord Inquisitor

May 13, 2014 by dracs

What with Warhammer 40k being entirely focused on the battles of the universe, we don't often get to see the Space Marines when they're not armoured up. However, The Lord Inquisitor looks like it will give us a bit of insight into a Grey Knight's preparations.

Grey Knight WIP Update

This update of the Grey Knight character WIP shows more detail on the cybernetic enhancements, skin and muscle tone, making him look more and more the super soldier.

Grey Knight Suits Up

From these sneak peaks we can tell that the final film will probably feature a cool suiting up sequence. I particularly like the image of the Grey Knight regarding his armour, kept in a raised alcove like a holy shrine in its own right.

All of this has me really hopeful for both the general tone and content of this fan made film and I look forward to seeing what further developments are on the way.

What do you hope to see in this film?

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