Join the Deathwatch and Become The Emperor’s Chosen!

June 27, 2013 by dracs

Fantasy Flight Games are previewing new expansion for the Warhammer 40,000 RPG Deathwatch. Are you ready to become one of The Emperor's Chosen?

The Emperor's Chosen

From the sound of it this latest supplement is more geared towards experienced players of Deathwatch. As you probably know, Deathwatch kill-teams are comprised of Space Marines drawn from different chapters. After their service with the Deathwatch is over they return to their chapter and share their training on killing the filthy xenos. However, some elect to stay with the Deathwatch and go on to become veterans. It is these veterans which the The Emperor's Chosen explores.

According to Fantasy Flight Games,

The Emperor’s Chosen provides new rules for creating Heroic Legacies for veteran Battle-Brothers of the Jericho reach. Kill-teams may jointly purchase these Legacies, to access combat roles, manoeuvres, and more, that an experienced Kill-team can use to better crush their enemies in the name of the Emperor.

This sounds like a great way in which an established team of players can evolve their characters and their legacies within the story they create for themselves.

Will any of you be adding The Emperor's Chosen to your games of Deathwatch?

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