The Skaven Rat Ogres Get Kitted Out As Stormfiends!

January 11, 2015 by brennon

More Skaven information has dropped showing off what the new unit for the Skaven is shaping up to me. You thought Boneripper had got an upgrade? Wait until you see what Moulder and Skryre have been working on with the Stormfiends...

Rat Ogre #1

Rat Ogre #2

I for one am glad that we're seeing these kind of Rat Ogres (above) leaving the tabletop in favour of units that look more in keeping with this style of Rat Ogre that we saw as part of the Screaming Bell and Plague Furnace...

Painted Goblin Rat Ogres

These are much nicer looking sculpts (in my opinion anyway) and I think the new Stormfiends fit in well with that design. Each of the Stormfiends is armed with a range of weapons from big gatling guns to warpfire throwers and more. There's even some melee weapons there too. As well as that the pumped up rats are armoured up with huge plates of (once again) blue armour. I don't get the colour scheme choice myself but never mind.

It's neat to see the Skaven getting a whole bunch of new units to play around with as they've been rather forgotten over the past few months and years. Still hasn't stopped Games Workshop selling dog-faced Night Runners though!

Custom Rat Ogres By Painted Goblin

What do you think of the Stormfiends?

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