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The First Wave For Warhammer: The Old World Revealed!


Games Workshop has revealed the first wave of releases that are going to be coming to Warhammer: The Old World. There are two big Army Boxes on the way for Bretonnia and the Tomb Kings Of Khemri plus a host of books to covering the rules and the building of your armies.

Warhammer: The Old World’s New Combat Phase Rules Detailed


Games Workshop have now previewed the updated mechanics for the Combat Phase that you'll get to dive into with Warhammer: The Old World. Much like with the Shooting Phase, there are plenty of familiar concepts as well as some newer ideas for your Fantasy battles. 

A Bone Dragon Is Summoned For Warhammer: The Old World


Games Workshop dropped another preview for Warhammer: The Old World over the weekend. This time, fortune favours the Tomb Kings Of Khemri as we got a look at a new plastic kit that will be leading the way for large armies. See what you think of the deadly Necrolith Bone Dragon. 

Take Aim At The Shooting Phase For Warhammer: The Old World


Games Workshop have been showcasing more of what we can expect mechanically from Warhammer: The Old World. We've seen them give us an overview of the Turn Sequence and Movement and now, we're looking at the Shooting Phase.

Exploring Movement In Warhammer: The Old World In New Preview


Games Workshop have dropped another Old World Almanack article this week looking at The Movement Phase in Warhammer: The Old World. Have they managed to walk the line between the older versions of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and some new ideas?

Warhammer: The Old World Game Mechanics Begin To Surface!


Games Workshop has started to drop the first few details on the game mechanics for Warhammer: The Old World. Coming together as part of the Old World Almanack, the design team behind the game looking to be introducing us slowly to the similar (and different) rules that are popping up as part of the game which launches in early 2024.

More Bretonnian Minis Revealed For Warhammer: The Old World


Over the weekend, we got a look at some new reveals for Warhammer: The Old World and specifically the Bretonnians. They are one of the two big armies that got properly nuked during the switch to Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, so it's good to see them returning with a vengeance. The weekend's Games Workshop preview gave us a look at what will launch for the Kingdom Of Bretonnia. 

What Will Be Revealed For Warhammer: The Old World?


The Warhammer Day Preview is landing tomorrow at 2pm BST and there is going to be some interesting news coming out of Games Workshop about what's happening with Warhammer: The Old World. 

A Stunning Damsel Previewed For Warhammer: The Old World


If you're looking to lead the Bretonnians into the heart of battle with Warhammer: The Old World then you're going to want to a Damsel to give you the blessings of the Lady Of The Lake. See what you make of the Prophetess, Lady Élisse Duchaard previewed by Games Workshop this week.

Warhammer: The Old World – What We Know So Far


Warhammer fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating the revival of the beloved game, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, now reincarnated as Warhammer: The Old World. But, what do we really know about the upcoming changes and developments? Let's take a detailed look at what's been revealed thus far by Games Workshop.

Launch Factions For Warhammer: The Old World Announced


The launch factions coming to Warhammer: The Old World with full books has been announced by Games Workshop. A list of both the Good and Evil factions has popped up, all tied to the conflict brewing in The Old World during this period of Warhammer Fantasy Battle's past. 

Bretonnia Clashes With Khemri In Warhammer The Old World


Over the weekend, we got a massive amount of reveals for the worlds of Warhammer. One of the best previews for me was for Warhammer: The Old World which, whilst small, gave us a look at what the team at Games Workshop have planned for returning to The World That Was.

GW Showcase More Plastic Bitz For Warhammer: The Old World


Games Workshop has been showing off some more of the bitz that you'll be able to tinker with when Warhammer: The Old World hits the tabletop. The most recent preview is for a series of weapons and accessories for the Bretonnians and Khemri as part of new plastic kits!

Play A Massive Campaign With Total War: Warhammer Immortal Empires


Creative Assembly has now made the new Immortal Empires expansion available for Total War: Warhammer. Bring all of the different factions together on one MASSIVE map and play out a fight for The Old World. 

Warhammer: The Old World Visits The Land Of The Tomb Kings


Whilst Warhammer: The Old World will be concerning itself with the warring factions of The Empire all vying to become Emperor, the Warhammer world is a large place and there are far-off empires looking to reclaim what was once theirs. The Tomb Kings are going to be returning in force to Warhammer: The Old World according to Games Workshop.

Face Turmoil & A Great War In Warhammer: The Old World


Games Workshop has dropped more details on what we can expect from Warhammer: The Old World when it launches. The design team have been working on new artwork and more for the game whilst also locking in the time period that we'll find ourselves in when we start playing. 

New Art Previews Pop Up For Warhammer: The Old World


It has been a rather long time since we heard anything about Warhammer: The Old World, the BIG project by Games Workshop to bring The World That Was back to the tabletop. Well, last week, we got a look at more artwork for The Old World.

Trailer! Grand Cathay Introduced Into Warhammer: The Old World


Games Workshop and Creative Assembly have dropped a couple of videos today showing off the process of bringing Grand Cathay into the world of Total War: Warhammer III and the tabletop.

HeroHammer Fanzine Issue #2 Now Available To Download!


The Crown Of Command Podcast has now released its brand new issue of HeroHammer! If you're a bit of an Oldhammer fan or just enjoy Warhammer Fantasy Battles in general, this is well worth a read. Issue #2 is infested with Skaven!

28mm, Square Bases & More; Big Warhammer: The Old World Update


Games Workshop dropped a pretty neat update this week for Warhammer: The Old World. They not only have us a bit more confirmation on the time period that this will be set in but also revealed a few more details too for this Fantasy mass battle wargame.

HeroHammer Fanzine Issue #1 Now Available To Snap Up!


The Crown Of Command Podcast has been working with a dedicated team to create a new fanzine celebrating the era of classic Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Issue One of HeroHammer is now available for you to download for free!

Kislev & Grand Cathay Coming To Total War: Warhammer III!


Creative Assembly this week got people very excited about the next instalment for Total War: Warhammer.

GW Drop An Old World Update Packed With Bear Cavalry


Games Workshop has dropped another Old World update this week. The focus was still on the men and women of Kislev this time around as they started to show off the first steps towards bringing Bear Cavalry back to the tabletop.

Games Workshop Explore The Warhammer Old World & Kislev!


Games Workshop are still keeping a lid on exactly what shape the Warhammer Old World will be in when they return to it in the future but the latest preview gave us a peek a lesser-known army that is getting a revamp, Kislev.

Cubicle 7 Look Ahead To Warhammer Fantasy In 2020


The team at Cubicle 7 have decided to give folks a peek at what is coming later this year for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play fans.

Grab Yourself Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Adventure Bait & Witch


Cubicle 7 has now added a new adventure into the mix for those wanting to explore more story threads in Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play.

Warhammer Art That Inspired Me! What Art Inspired You?


Ben looks back at a series of art pieces from Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles which inspired him and poked him in different hobby directions.

Hack & Slash Through The Old World In Warhammer: Chaosbane


If you're hankering for another dive back into The Old World of Warhammer Fantasy then Warhammer: Chaosbane might be the action RPG for you

Made To Order Classic Skaven Coming This Weekend


Some classic Skaven Characters are coming back to the tabletop thanks to Games Workshop and their Made To Order range.

Retro Recall: Warhammer Fantasy Battles


Sam kicks off our new article series, Retro Recall, with a look back at one of his favourite games. Tell us your tales of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Community Spotlight: Dwarf Throngs, Crimson Fists & Oldhammer Heroes


We're taking a trip down memory lane with all sorts of Oldhammer miniatures today in Community Spotlight!

3 Colours Up – Dark Geminids Of Uhl Gysh


Today Romain is painting up the Dark Geminids of Uhl Gysh from Age of Sigmar.

Community Spotlight: 40K Cavalry, Cruel Goblins & An Apocalyptic 7TV Project


We're checking out some stunning new paint jobs from the community plus a bit of kitbashing this time around!

Join The Realm War As Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Goes Digital


It's time to put your Weirdnob online, as Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War brings the battle to your digital device. 

Look Back At Warhammer Heroes Of Order In New Made To Order Haul


Games Workshop looks back to the World That Was with another round of Made To Order Heroes for you to include in your Warhammer Fantasy Battles collections.

Three Old Dragons Arise From Their Warhammer Fantasy Battle Slumber


Games Workshop has some more Made To Order miniatures landing this weekend. Three old dragons and their riders are going to be raising from their slumber and arriving from the Old World to take part in the battles of the Mortal Realms. 

An Audience with Ian Livingstone – UKGE 2018


Revisit one of the most popular seminars at UKGE 2018 where Ian Livingstone recounts how Games Workshop came to be.

Cubicle 7 Studies Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play’s Magic System


Cubicle 7 has been delving deeper into the Old World as they discuss the Magic System for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4th Edition. 

Cubicle 7 Discuss Fate, Fortune & More For Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play


Cubicle 7 has continued to explore the rules and mechanics behind the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4th Edition with a look at Fate, Fortune, Resilience and Resolve in their latest article.

Weekender: What’s New For Drowned Earth & UKGE Prize Winners Announced!


UKGE Prize Winners to announce, a great delve into Vanguard Of War and Drowned Earth and much more today on the show!

Made To Order Warhammer Fantasy Heroes Coming Back This Week


Games Workshop has delved back into its range of Warhammer Fantasy miniatures once again for another Made To Order haul this coming weekend. The models come from the Tomb Kings, Orc & Goblin, Vampire Count and Ogre Kingdoms ranges.

Weekender XLBS: Mind-Melting Trees & Do Games Ever Really Die?


We pinch a topic from the forums and ask whether or not games truly die...and Warren melts Justin's mind with trees!

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