Made To Order Classic Skaven Coming This Weekend

February 26, 2019 by brennon

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Some classic Skaven Characters are coming back to the tabletop thanks to Games Workshop and their Made To Order range. For example, you might want to lead your new force with Queek Headtaker.

Queek Headtaker - Games Workshop

These classic figures give you a taste of the different clans that you'll be able to bring to the tabletop for the Skaven. They might be very old school by now but I still love these figures, a great and characterful force to play as in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and of course, Age Of Sigmar should you wish.

The long-time nemesis of Gotrek & Felix is also coming back with this classic sculpt for Thanquol & Boneripper popping up too.

Thanquol Boneripper - Games Workshop

It would be pretty awesome to go back to the tabletop, picking up one of those new takes of Gotrek & Felix, and playing out a few narrative scenarios with the pair. I can't even remember how many times Gotrek has torn Boneripper apart with his axe at this point.

I also had to add Deathmaster Snikch into the mix too. He is a deadly assassin from the old clan Eshin and a brutal hunter of characters and war machine crews across the Old World.

Deathmaster Snikch - Games Workshop

Whilst the aesthetic here isn't going to work alongside some of the new Skaven miniatures I think that they might be a good pick for those looking to embrace classic figures for skirmish games.

A few more options will be made available over the coming week alongside a PDF showing you how to use these in your games.

Will you be picking up some classic Skaven?

"Will you be picking up some classic Skaven?"

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