Trailer! Grand Cathay Introduced Into Warhammer: The Old World

September 14, 2021 by brennon

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Games Workshop and Creative Assembly have dropped a couple of videos today showing off the process of bringing Grand Cathay into the world of Total War: Warhammer III and the tabletop.

Grand Cathay Revealed - Total War Warhammer III

Grand Cathay Revealed // Total War: WARHAMMER III

The first of the trailers showed off how The Storm Dragon Miao Ying leads her forces to victory against the powerful daemonic armies of Tzeentch. We also get a look at the aesthetic that both the Warhammer: The Old World team and Creative Assembly have gone for with this faction

The Dawn Of Grand Cathay // Total War: WARHAMMER III

The core of this army is tied into snippets of lore and the occasional mention in the annuls of Warhammer past. Most obviously, the look and feel of the army is inspired by Chinese mythology and folklore. I mean, look at those dragons!

What's quite good about this look at the units in Total War: Warhammer III is that it gives us an idea of what the units will look like in the flesh when they arrive on the tabletop as part of The Old World project.

Grand Cathay On The Tabletop

Building on the preview for Grand Cathay in a digital form, we also had a neat interview with the Warhammer Studio team where they talked about breathing life back into Cathay after many years on the fringes.

The Warhammer Studio Presents: Cathay // Warhammer: The Old World

It will be very intriguing to see this practically untouched army on the tabletop when The Old World arrives. Not only does it feature ranks of soldiers and war machines but also towering dragons like the aforementioned Miao Ying.

The Storm Dragon Miao Ying - Warhammer The Old World

The Storm Dragon Miao Ying // Warhammer: The Old World

I am as intrigued to see the regular troops come to life as much as I am the towering Terracotta Sentinels that you saw in the trailer. We also got told that the main magical essence that the forces of Grand Cathay call on come from Alchemists and Astromancers. Very cool.

Cathay Soldier - Warhammer The Old World

Cathay Soldier // Warhammer: The Old World

So, with Grand Cathay on the march to war and Kislev holding back the forces of Chaos at the tip of the world, we've got some fascinating factions already planned out for the arrival of The Old World on the tabletop. I am all for new factions but I am also very intrigued to see how the older armies of Warhammer get brought back to the fore when this game launches.

Drop your thoughts below on Grand Cathay and what you make of the work they've shown so far!

"...we've got some fascinating factions already planned out for the arrival of The Old World on the tabletop"

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