Hack & Slash Through The Old World In Warhammer: Chaosbane

June 5, 2019 by brennon

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If you're hankering for another dive back into The Old World of Warhammer Fantasy then Warhammer: Chaosbane might be the action RPG for you, now available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Chaosbane Cover - Games Workshop

Chaosbane has you playing as one of four characters (cooperatively) as you battle against the forces of Chaos that threaten to overrun the Old World.

Chaosbane Characters - Games Workshop

Alongside your comrades, you'll be meeting with characters from the lore of Warhammer Fantasy like Teclis and Magnus The Pious. Oh, did I mention that this was set waaaay back in time during the time of an entirely different Emperor to Karl Franz!

It means that the game follows a different storyline to games like Vermintide which is a good point of different storywise at least.

Chaosbane Screenshot #1 - Games Workshop

From reviews I've watched online the game seems to very much be in the vein of Diablo and other action roleplaying games of its type. You will be hacking, shooting, and spelling (clearly a thing) through hordes of enemies before taking on massive bosses like Greater Demons. Along the way, you'll pick up loads of different loot and upgrade your character to be an even more effective killing machine.

Chaosbane Screenshot #2 - Games Workshop

All in all the game seems to have had a warm reception but it will be very hard for it to be as exciting and on-point as a game like Diablo III. If you like those kinds of games and Warhammer then this might just be the mash-up you've been looking for.

It has a solid three stars on Steam and mixed reviews so obviously watch a few videos before diving in though. It seems like it features quite a short campaign and there are quite a few bugs so I might be waiting for this one to fall into the sales before I check it out.

Have you given Chaosbane a go?

"You will be hacking, shooting, and spelling (clearly a thing) through hordes of enemies..."

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