Cubicle 7 Look Ahead To Warhammer Fantasy In 2020

January 16, 2020 by brennon

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The team at Cubicle 7 have decided to give folks a peek at what is coming later this year for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play fans. There are a few books to keep your eye out for...

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Leading the way, you've got a sourcebook which focuses in on the city of Middenheim. Middenheim: City Of The White Wolf is going to be an in-depth guide to the city, its people and the adventures that await you within its walls.

"Before ever there was ever an Empire, the followers of Ulric made their home atop the Fauschlag. It is said that the God of War, Winter and Wolves himself shaped the mighty plateau for his people, and set at its heart the ever-burning White Flame as a mark of his patronage.

It is a city of bridges, spires, and winding stairs, and from it’s airy peaks one can see, beyond the clutching darkness of the Drakwald Forest, the far off Middle Mountains. The Fauschlag itself is riddled with tunnels and chambers, some built by Dwarfs to serve in the city’s defence, some dug in secret by Greenskins, and some so old that explorers shudder to think just who – or what – might have built them."

I do like the idea of delving down into the tunnels beneath the city and doing some adventuring there. As it stands, the city itself should be room enough for all manner of adventures!

Keeping with the theme of cities there will also be a book focused on Altdorf. Here's what they have planned for that book...

  • A detailed map created by the now-mad cartographer Uswald the Fastidious
  • A  wealth of locations, NPCs and plot hooks to engage any group
  • An exploration of the political and religious structures of the Empire, both before and after the events of The Enemy Within
  • New talents, endeavours, and combat options.

Again, this should offer up a wealth of new hooks for your adventures and provide you with a way to dive into a city packed with political and religious strife. I do like the idea of finding yourself facing off against the machinations of ambitious humans as well as just Beastmen and Goblins!

Also, those following the narrative for The Enemy Within will be pleased to know that this story is going to continue with Death On The Reik and The Power Behind The Throne later this year. There will be a lot to delve into throughout the next few months.

What are you looking forward to?

"There will be a lot to delve into throughout the next few months..."

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