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Sail With A Skeleton Crew In Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play!


Get your hands on another spooky adventure from Cubicle 7 for the Halloween season! Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play fans can pick up Skeleton Crew, another of their Old World Adventures that can be completed in one scary sitting. 

Halloween Hits Age Of Sigmar Soulbound – Vossheim’s Holdouts!


Cubicle 7 has announced their new Halloween adventure for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Soulbound. Delve deep into Vossheim's Holdouts as part of this horror-themed one-shot that takes place in The Cursed City of Ulfenkarn.

The Absolver Space Marines Get Wrath & Glory Sourcebook!


The Absolver Space Marines are the Chapter tasked with keeping an eye on the Gilead System in Cubicle 7's Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game, Wrath & Glory. These Angels Of Death are now getting their own sourcebook in the near future, Vow Of Absolution.

Build Chaos Warbands In Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play!


Cubicle 7 has released a new supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play that allows you to add more depth to Chaos Warbands that you might encounter whilst adventure in The Old World. Look at what's inside The Warband Of Bayl Of Many Eyes.

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play: Sea Of Claws | First Impressions

2 months ago 2

Ben sets sail to give his first impressions of one of the new supplements for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, Sea Of Claws. See what's featured inside the book and how it measures up for adventurers and storytellers alike.

7 Days Left! Dive Into Cubicle 7’s Vault 5E: Uncharted Journeys


Cubicle 7 has one week left over on Kickstarter for their Uncharted Journeys project which looks to bring a set of travel rules and more to your games of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. 

Grab Blackened Earth For Cubicle 7’s Age Of Sigmar Soulbound


Cubicle 7 has now made the newest supplement for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound available for you to pre-order physically and also snag in digital form! 

Cubicle 7 Launch Uncharted Journeys Kickstarter – Travel Rules For 5th Edition

3 months ago 5

Cubicle 7 has just launched their Kickstarter for Uncharted Journeys, a new Vault 5e supplement that can be used alongside Dungeons & Dragons. Make sure to check out the Kickstarter for yourself and prepare for a new adventure!

Explore The Sea Of Claws In Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play


Cubicle 7 has now released the PDF version of Seas Of Claws, a brand new sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. You can also pre-order the physical version ahead of a release next year in 2023. 

Explore Greywater Fastness Soon In Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound


Some brand new artwork dropped from Cubicle 7 over the last few days showcasing the landscapes we're going to be exploring soon in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound. Greywater Fastness awaits in the new Blackened Earth sourcebook.

Cubicle 7 Announce New RPG Fantasy IP, Broken Weave!


Cubicle 7 has been very busy! As well as announcing Imperium Maledictum for Warhammer 40,000, they have also announced a brand new Fantasy IP. Broken Weave is going to be coming next year following on from Victoriana.

Cubicle 7 Reveal Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Maledictum RPG


Cubicle 7 announced at Gen Con that they are now working on a brand new Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game. Drawing on grimdark roleplaying games of the past, Imperium Maledictum will see you return to the world of Warhammer 40,000 with a d100 system. 

Let’s Play: Doctors And Daleks – The Roleplaying Game | Cubicle 7


Ben and Gerry are joined by the team from Cubicle 7 to play through an introductory adventure from Doctors And Daleks: The Roleplaying Game! This uses the 5th Edition system with a few twists to take you on missions through time and space.

Cubicle 7 Announce Vault 5e & Uncharted Journeys For RPGs!


Cubicle 7 last week announced their new endeavour, Vault 5e. This upcoming series of releases has been designed to provide a bunch of new worlds and rules that work alongside the familiar ruleset of Dungeons & Dragons. This also meant a new book, Uncharted Journeys!

New Missions & Sisters Of Silence For Cubicle 7’s Wrath & Glory


Cubicle 7 is getting you ready for more grimdark adventures with two new PDFs that you can download and use with Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory. We start with a focus on the Sisters Of Silence in The Null Hypothesis. 

Doctors And Daleks Now Available To Pre-Order & Buy Digitally


Cubicle 7 has now fired up pre-orders for the physical version of their Doctors And Daleks roleplaying game, set in the universe of Doctor Who. Additionally, you can now get your hands on the Player's Guide right now in the form of a digital download.

Adventure In Doctors And Daleks With The Keys Of Scaravore


Doctors And Daleks is coming soon from Cubicle 7 and offers up a great introduction to roleplaying within the world of Doctor Who using the 5th Edition mechanics. To aid in that and build on the Player's Guide and Alien Archive, we are also getting the Keys Of Scaravore adventure module too.

Blackened Earth, A Brand New Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Adventure


Cubicle 7 has put together a brand new adventure for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound. After the adventures in Shadows In The Mist, the focus now changes to the tales told within The Blackened Earth.

Doctors And Daleks Player’s Guide & Alien Archive Coming Soon!


Doctors And Daleks from Cubicle 7, the 5th Edition take on the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, is coming soon with the Player's Guide available from 19th July!

New WFRP Book On The Way! Salzenmund: City Of Salt And Silver


Want to dive deeper into The Old World with Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play? Check out Salzenmund: City Of Salt And Silver which is now available to pre-order alongside a PDF release from Cubicle 7.

Witness The Era Of The Beast In Age Of Sigmar Soulbound


Cubicle 7 is continuing to follow the unfolding narrative of the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar wargame with an upcoming Soulbound supplement. Mighty heroes (and villains) will be able to dive into Era Of The Beast very soon!

Winds Of Magic & New Adventures For Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play


Cubicle 7 is updating The Old World and diving deep into more adventures and options for those playing Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. We start with a couple of adventures and expansions that are available digitally.

Which Age Of Sigmar Soulbound Champion Of Destruction Would You Play As? | Designer Interview


Ben talks with two of the Cubicle 7 Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound designers, Elaine Lithgow and Emmet Byrne, about Champions Of Destruction AND Steam & Steel.

Hire A Soulbound Sky-Vessel With The Grund Operations Manual


Cubicle 7 has released an awesome new supplement for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound! The Grund Operations Manual allows you to own/requisition your own Sky-Vessel so you can travel The Mortal Realms in style.

What Foes Await In The Imperial Zoo + Up In Arms Goes To Tilea! | Warhammer Fantasy RPG Interview


Gerry and Ben talk with the team from Cubicle 7 about released and upcoming supplements (Imperial Zoo & Up In Arms) for those diving into Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play with their RPG group.

Haul Of AOS Soulbound For Less Than £15 On Humble Bundle


There is a huge digital bundle up on Humble Bundle at the moment for Age of Sigmar Soulbound, bringing 24 titles to the forefront for as little as £13.78.

Wrath & Glory Starter Set & Gamemaster’s Screen Hit Soon!


Venture into the grimdark of Warhammer 40,000 with some brand new products coming up from the folks at Cubicle 7 for Wrath & Glory. A new Starter Set is on the way alongside a Gamemaster's Screen to keep your scheming hidden!

Let’s Play: Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory – The Ork Scrap Raid! | Cubicle 7


Join Ben, Justin and the team from Cubicle 7 for a Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory Let's Play with an Orky twist! Da Big Boss has ordered them planetside to get the best scrap!

What’s Coming Next For Cubicle 7’s Warhammer 40K: Wrath & Glory?


Cubicle 7 has been exploring what awaits those who are diving deep into Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory. Their grimdark Sci-Fi wargame is expanding with loads of new ways to get started in the game and continue your current adventures.

Crush Your Foes With Up In Arms For Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play


More awesome expansion books are coming to the tabletop from Cubicle 7 for those playing in The Old World with Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. Up In Arms is a new book for those wanting more information on martial characters.

Expanding Your Grimdark Adventures In Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory


Last week, I dived into Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory and talked about what I thought of the core rules. This week, I'm going to be exploring how you can expand your roleplaying adventures in the grimdark future alongside Cubicle 7.

Roleplaying In The Grimdark – Warhammer: 40,000: Wrath & Glory | Review


Ben talks through his thoughts on the Core Rulebook for Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory which offers you a chance to roleplay in the grim darkness of the far future.

Cubicle 7 Announces Doctor Who 5e: Doctors And Daleks!


Cubicle 7 has announced a new option for those wanting to do a bit of Sci-Fi time travelling! Doctor Who 5e: Doctors And Daleks is on the cards for later this year!

Let’s Play: Elector Counts Card Game | Cubicle 7


The team dive into a Let's Play of Elector Counts, the new card game by Cubicle 7 set in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. 

The Imperial Zoo Comes To Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Soon


Cubicle 7 are going to be releasing a brand new supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play soon. The Imperial Zoo is going to introduce a massive array of different monstrous foes for you to face during your Old World adventures. 

Cubicle 7 Tease Allies & Foes From WFRP: Winds Of Magic


Cubicle 7 is working towards a brand new expansion to the fantastic Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. Winds Of Magic is going to be stirring things up and offering up new options for spellcasting allies and foes in your grimdark adventures.

Add Vehicles To 40K Wrath & Glory With Church Of Steel! [Updated]


A new supplement is coming up from Cubicle 7 for those diving into Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory later this year. Church Of Steel will introduce loads of vehicles into the mix for use during your grimdark roleplaying games. 

The History Of Cubicle 7 & Building RPG Worlds With Dom McDowall | Designer Interview


Gerry and Ben get stuck into a designer interview with Dom McDowall of Cubicle 7 to discuss his history with the company and building new RPG worlds. 

Old World Hirelings & New Spells For Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play


Cubicle 7 has dropped two more awesome PDFs for you to check out for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play before the end of the year. You'll be able to call on the help of some interesting Hirelings and cast some spooky new spells too!

Champions Of Destruction Previewed For Soulbound RPG!


Cubicle 7 has revealed the awesome cover art for the upcoming Champions Of Destruction supplement for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound. 

Grab A Free Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Introductory Quest!


Are you interested in Age of Sigmar: Soulbound? Cubicle 7 have released a free to download 13-page adventure entitled Reap & Sow!

Grab Affliction Ascendant For Cubicle 7’s Wrath & Glory RPG


A new mission is available for you to snap up from Cubicle 7 for Wrath & Glory. Affliction Ascendant is a way to cap off the battle for Tora Armis. Are you going to be getting your hands on this for your Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying adventures?

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