Cubicle 7’s Crafting & Alchemy Kickstarter! 2 New D&D 5e Books For TTRPG Tinkerers

January 30, 2024 by avernos

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Ben and Gerry sit down for a chat with Josh and Dom from Cubicle 7 to discuss their new Kickstarter for not one but two new D&D 5e books as part of Crafting & Alchemy. These are perfect for those who want to personalise their weapons, armour, potions and more in their Dungeons & Dragons games.


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Crafting & Alchemy is spread across two books. You can either just get one or both depending on what suits your group. Hammer & Anvil covers the creation of weapons and armour whilst Mortar & Pestle dives into the creation of potions and growing ingredients.

We talk about how these two books slot into the current range in the Vault 5e collection from Cubicle 7 and how they have approached using Kickstarter as a vehicle to launch their products.

We also have a chat about what's coming next from Cubicle 7!

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