Pre-Order Cubicle 7’s New Twist On D&D 5E, Broken Weave

April 4, 2024 by brennon

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Pre-orders are now available for Cubicle 7's dark twist on Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Broken Weave. Step into a tragic world on the brink with the Broken Weave Rulebook and a range of accessories which will be available later this year.

Broken Weave Rulebook - Cubicle 7

Broken Weave Rulebook // Cubicle 7

Broken Weave takes the basics of Dungeons & Dragons and gives them a twist. Magic has broken and the lands are not what they seem. Time and distance have lost all meaning and the overwhelming force that is Decay worms its way into all elements of life, stealing memories, reshaping the world and changing people and creatures into terrible abominations.

Broken Weave Rulebook Preview - Cubicle 7

Broken Weave Rulebook Preview // Cubicle 7

With that in mind, Broken Weave is as much about preserving your community, collecting resources and helping to remake the world as it is about fighting terrible monsters. You take on the role of tragic characters who have been tasked by your Haven (which you create yourself!) to watch over them and keep the horrors at bay.

  • Tragic Characters: 6 new and unique character classes fit for the Broken World, and a rich Lifepath character creation system that builds a shared history between you, the other Survivors, and your home Haven.
  • A Broken World: A strange and ever-changing world where magic is broken and God-corpses litter the land. Dozens of bizarre and beautiful locations to explore!
  • A Haven for All: A complete system for founding, growing, and protecting your community over generations.
  • Decayed Monsters: A host of nightmarish creatures, and mechanics for converting any 5e monster to use in your Broken Weave campaign!
  • Survival Against the Odds: New rules for harvesting monsters, travel, a host of new campcraft and downtime activities, and new mechanics for the corrupting force of Decay, and the flickering light of Hope.

If you're interested in learning more about Broken Weave, we did an interview with some of the creators about what you can expect when you crack open the book.

Cubicle 7's Broken Weave - 5e But Not As You Know It!

I really like the way that Cubicle 7 has used a lot of what they have learned from previous roleplaying games and supplements in order to craft a fascinating take on the classic Fantasy adventure. The Haven creation and the survival element is the part that is really drawing me to Broken Weave.

Broken Weave Accessories

As well as the core rules for Broken Weave, there are also some neat accessories. A classic GM Screen is on the way for example...

Broken Weave GM Screen - Cubicle 7

Broken Weave GM Screen // Cubicle 7

This features gorgeous art that really nails home the vibe of Broken Weave plus plenty of handy reference material that you'll need whilst in the middle of running a session. The Gamemaster's Screen also comes with an introductory adventure called Titan's March. Titan's March is a desperate fight for survival as your players will be trying to stop a massive monster from destroying your home and the people that you love. Sounds very Broken Weave.

There is also this great set of cards called the Deck Of Broken Things.

Deck Of Broken Things - Cubicle 7

Deck Of Broken Things // Cubicle 7

This set allows you to take any 5th Edition monster or location and give them a Broken Weave twist. You can transform your monsters with new abilities, twisted mutations and tragic curses. If you're running a lot of encounters on the fly and using random tables for your encounters then this is a great way to take the hassle out of your planning.

I love accessories like this which can be used to enhance your games and give you fun plot hooks as a storyteller.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter for Broken Weave, get your pre-orders in now...

"Broken Weave takes the basics of Dungeons & Dragons and gives them a twist..."

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