Cubicle 7’s Broken Weave Enters Final Hours On Kickstarter!

March 2, 2023 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 are moving into the final few hours today of their Kickstarter for Broken Weave, their Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy roleplaying game that uses the 5th Edition system and puts a unique spin on it! Classic Fantasy this is not; prepare for the uncanny!

Broken Weave Last 24 Hours - Cubicle 7

Broken Weave Last 24 Hours // Cubicle 7

To give you a brief idea of Broken Weave, this roleplaying game is set in a world where magic is broken and corrupted. The Fantasy peoples that you once knew like Men, Dwarves and Elves have all retreated into Havens where they can scratch out an existence whilst all around them, the twisted tendrils of magic rip and tear their world apart.

Cubicle 7's Broken Weave - 5e But Not As You Know It! The Best Twist On D&D Yet?

Your job in this world is to take on the role of reluctant adventurers tasked with heading beyond the confines of your settlement on journies of discovery to find lost artefacts and lore, harvest monsters for their materials and ensure that your Havens are protected from dangerous foes.

There are five new character classes included in Broken Weave that take ideas like the Fighter and the Bard and twist them in new and interesting ways. It's fascinating seeing how they have played around with the classic constructs of D&D in a world without magic.

You'll also find rules for Hope and Decay which have a distinct impact on your characters, ways to explore a broken world where the very land beneath your feet shifts from day to day and ways to make your own Haven, a place to call home.

Broken Weave also features a new set of mechanics for Decayed Monsters. Take classic creatures like Dragons, Owlbears, Unicorns and the like and "break" them, turning them into uncanny versions of what they once were.

More detail on Broken Weave can be found in our interview (above) and over on the Kickstarter Page.

Broken Weave - Stretch Goals & Pledge Options!

As the campaign has progressed, the team at Cubicle 7 have been able to add a whole host of unlocked content to both the Broken Weave core book and beyond.

Broken Weave Stretch Goals #1 - Cubicle 7 24

Broken Weave Stretch Goals // Cubicle 7

Broken Weave Stretch Goals #2 - Cubicle 7 24

Broken Weave Stretch Goals #3 - Cubicle 7 24

Broken Weave Stretch Goals #4 - Cubicle 7 24

As you can see, they have found all sorts of interesting options to add to the mix and I like that a lot of it is going to be built into that core book for Broken Weave. I should also note that this gives you just a small taste of the wonderful art that Cubicle 7 have been working on for Broken Weave!

All of these Stretch Goals have been achieved by backers who have gone in at the various Pledge Tiers that you see here. You can start off with something small and just get your hands on the Broken Weave PDF or...

Broken Weave Pledge Levels - Cubicle 7

Broken Weave Pledge Levels // Cubicle 7

...go all in and get yourself the accessories as well including the Dice, GM Screen and the Deck Of Broken Things which makes twisting those classic monsters that little bit easier to do on the fly. You'll also note that they have dice trays and all sorts in the mix as well for those that want to go that extra mile.

Full disclosure, I went for the Hero Pledge Level and got myself the book and PDF as I think this could be a lot of fun to dive into. My friends like D&D but find it a little stale so this might be a good way to shake things up and show them what you can do with the mechanics!

What do you make of Broken Weave?

"Classic Fantasy this is not; prepare for the uncanny!"

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