Broken Weave Coming Soon! A Dark New RPG By Cubicle 7

February 1, 2023 by brennon

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A new Fantasy world is coming soon from Cubicle 7 via Kickstarter. Broken Weave is looking to be a fascinating setting and set of mechanics for expanding on the traditional d20 mechanics that folks will be familiar with when it comes to 5th Edition.

Broken Weave Kickstarter Preview - Cubicle 7

Broken Weave - Kickstarter Preview // Cubicle 7

Broken Weave helps craft a world where magic is dead. Something broke in the fabric of the world and the magic that was once used in every facet of life became something corrupted and now twists everything it touches. The world is now one filled with sorrow, corruption and dread but there are a few sparks of hope left within the people that call this place home.

Monster Concept #1 - Broken Weave

Monster Concept // Broken Weave

Broken Weave is therefore a post-apocalyptic tale. The world as you knew it, whatever it might have been, is no more and everything that was known is slowly decaying. You've still got your classic Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and the like but all of them are fighting a desperate battle for survival.

The people of Broken Weave come together in haven-like settlements and must search for resources to keep themselves going despite the dread and corruption all around them. With this world, Cubicle 7 are trying to do more than just send you off on another goblin-slaying adventure.

Monster Concept #2 - Broken Weave

Monster Concept // Broken Weave

The word I'd use to describe Broken Weave is "uncanny". Everything looks similar to what you know about Fantasy and traditional "D&D" but with a little twist here and there to make it a lot more unsettling. We've had a chat with Cubicle 7 about Broken Weave (which you'll see soon) and it's fascinating hearing about all the ways they have tinkered with what you think you know.

Broken Weave is going to be fully compatible with 5th Edition but Cubicle 7 also announced that they are going to be focusing on tying this more distinctly into their new C7d20 System.

C7d20 - Broken Weave

C7d20 System // Broken Weave

The C7d20 system uses a lot of the classic elements of your traditional d20 experience but with a lot of what Cubicle 7 have learned through the creation of Doctors And Daleks, Adventures In Middle-earth, Uncharted Journeys and what the future holds with Victoriana. Broken Weave is going to be the first big book that introduces the concepts of C7d20 before a Core Rulebook comes later on down the line.

There is a lot for you to dive into when it comes to Broken Weave before the Kickstarter though. The blog series over on the Cubicle 7 website is fantastic and delves into Monster Design, Character Classes, Art and much more. You can see how all of this was brought to life including how The Seeker, Warden, Sage and Speaker fit into your traditional view of tried and tested D&D archetypes.

Watch out for more discussion on Broken Weave soon!

"The blog series over on the Cubicle 7 website is fantastic..."

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