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July 16, 2018 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 has continued to explore the rules and mechanics behind the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4th Edition with a look at Fate, Fortune, Resilience and Resolve in their latest article.

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play - Cubicle 7

Many of you will remember Fate Points from 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play especially and you will find some common ground with how they have come to life in this latest edition of the game too.

Fortune allows you to...

  • Reroll a failed Test.
  • Add +1 Success Level to a Test after it is rolled.
  • At the start of the Round, choose when to act in that Round disregarding Initiative order.

...and Fate

  • Survive an event that would kill you, although you are incapacitated for the rest of the scene/encounter.
  • Ignore damage from a single event through the intervention of fate — slipping as a blow is about to land, for example.

This allows you to mitigate the bad luck you might be having a little, much like how Advantage has been a massive part of why people enjoy Dungeons & Dragons a lot more. I like the idea of having a resource to spend to help try and swing fate in your favour like with the aforementioned Advantage/Inspiration in D&D and Willpower in World Of Darkness for example.

Hold Against The Terror!

Resolve & Resilience, however, are two of the new resources for this edition with Resolve allowing...

  • Become immune to Psychology until the end of the next round.
  • Ignore all modifiers from all Critical Wounds until the beginning of the next round.
  • Remove one Condition. (More on these in a future preview.)

...and Resilience

  • Defy Corruption and resist mutation, though you lose no Corruption points. (More about this in a future preview, too.)
  • Choose the number instead of rolling for it as part of a Test, allowing you to succeed in even the direst of situations.

This all sounds rather awesome indeed and really adds to the character development of your heroes as well I think. I like the idea of focusing this down into something physical and mental when it comes to your actions around the tabletop.

Focusing these two new resources towards your motivations and choices also focuses a player towards playing their character rather than trying to metagame around a problem.

Will you be getting in on the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play?

"I like the idea of having a resource to spend to help try and swing fate in your favour..."

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