Cubicle 7 Talk Careers In New Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

July 6, 2018 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 has gone into detail this week about how Careers & Classes are going to work in the new Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. Those familiar with 1st and 2nd Edition will notice a lot of similarities here but they have made it much easier for you to advance through a Career that appeals to you.

Pitfighter Art - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

There was a feeling with the previous editions of the game that you could maybe bounce between careers too easily when it came to levelling up and progressing as a character. Well, that is still there, but they have also included more ways for you to stick on your chosen path for longer.

So, this is the list of Classes and their Careers...

  • Academics: Apothecary, Engineer, Lawyer, Nun, Physician, Priest, Scholar, Wizard
  • Burghers: Agitator, Artisan, Beggar, Investigator, Merchant, Rat Catcher, Townsman, Watchman
  • Courtiers: Advisor, Artist, Duellist, Envoy, Noble, Servant, Spy, Warden
  • Peasants: Bailiff, Hedge Witch, Herbalist, Hunter, Miner, Mystic, Scout, Villager
  • Rangers: Bounty Hunter, Coachman, Entertainer, Flagellant, Messenger, Pedlar, Roadwarden, Witch Hunter
  • Riverfolk: Boatman, Huffer, Riverwoman, Riverwarden, Seaman, Smuggler, Stevedore, Wrecker
  • Rogues: Bawd, Charlatan, Fence, Grave Robber, Outlaw, Thief, Racketeer, Witch
  • Warriors: Cavalryman, Guard, Knight, Pit Fighter, Protagonist, Soldier, Troll Slayer, Warrior Priest

Now, that looks like a lot right? Well, this goes even deeper and more granular if you want. For example, they discussed how the Peasants Class could really expand on each of its individual careers with its own set of advancements too...

  • Bailiff: Tax Collector, Bailiff, Reeve, Magistrate
  • Hedge Witch: Hedge Apprentice, Hedge Witch, Hedge Master, Hedgewise
  • Herbalist: Herb Gatherer, Herbalist, Herb Master, Herbwise
  • Hunter: Trapper, Hunter, Tracker, Huntsmaster
  • Miner: Prospector, Miner, Master Miner, Mine Foreman
  • Mystic: Fortune Teller, Mystic, Sage, Seer
  • Scout: Guide, Scout, Pathfinder, Explorer
  • Villager: Peasant, Villager, Councillor, Elder

So, if you REALLY like being a Peasant then you can really work your way up through the role of being a Bailiff or a Hunter for your local town. I like this because it not only feels a little more realistic, but it opens up some interesting story points. If you're playing a Villager and like working your way up through to being an Elder you will have to deal with some local politics, raids from beyond your lands and have some very interesting ways to play out your downtime between sessions or when the group splits up.

Example Career

You can see one of the example Careers here for the Apothecary. A lot of this will look familiar to you and details how you can advance within your class, developing your skills and attributes as well as the types of talents and trappings you have about you.

Apothecary Career - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

The Career system is something that really does mark out Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play as different. In Dungeons & Dragons, you're all adventurers. You are off looking for adventure across the land. In Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play you are hapless folks from the Old World who have more or less been dragged into the different situations you'll be facing.

It means that as a group you're going to have to come up with interesting and cohesive reasons for staying together, splitting up to pursue your careers, and then being dragged back into the mix for adventures further afield.

I like to think of it a bit like a crime drama or long-running TV series. Most of the characters aren't there ALL the time and they are getting on with their lives. But, sometimes a big moment will strike and you'll get dragged into the story.

If you were playing an Elder, for example, you'd maybe question why you'd leave your village to go and pursue a warband of bandits on the road who are threatening the town. Why go when you can pay them?

Well...maybe you've known the land well from your time growing up there, one of your political rivals (a grizzled ex-knight) is challenging your sword arm, or something in-between. You have to work WITH your Gamesmaster and tell stories together if you want to work around some of these situations.

What do you think?

"The Career system is something that really does mark out Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play as different..."

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