Join The Realm War As Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Goes Digital

September 20, 2018 by cassn

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It's time to put your Weirdnob online, as Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War brings the battle to your digital device.


Players can form their Warband from units representative of the four Grand Alliances:

Unleash ranged fury with the fiery Vulkite Berzerkers, crush your foes with the eccentric Weirdnob Shamanand his mighty Foot of Gork, take to the skies and rain down death with a Kharadron Overlord Skywarden whilst strategically planting his proximity skymines, or simply ignore the little troops and power through with the hulking brute force of the Chaos Gargant.


Of course, the strongest fighter in your group will be your Warlord.  Whether you choose Neferata, Skretch Gnawtail, or Lord -Celestant Vastus Drakestorm, reign terror on the battlefields of the Mortal Realms, make alliances with other guilds, and become a Warband of fearsome reputation!


Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans will be excited so see areas never before depicted in-game, such as Rotwater Blight, Hammerhal Aqsha or the Carrion Wilds of Ghur.

Furthermore, for iOS 12 users, there is a range of awesome Augmented Reality features to enhance the experience.  Not only can you watch, record and share AR videos P2P and online, but you can also fight a live 2-player battle against a friend in shared AR space!


I'm not necessarily a fan of digital gaming, but this looks like a lot of fun, and I think the AR features will really appeal to those who have invested in the technology.  There's sure to be more added to the game as it continues, but even for its initial release, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War seems to have plenty to offer.  Get it on iOS and Google Play now.

Which Warlord will lead your group into battle? Comment below!

"Fight a live 2-player battle against a friend in shared AR space!"

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