Made To Order Warhammer Fantasy Heroes Coming Back This Week

July 10, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop has delved back into its range of Warhammer Fantasy miniatures once again for another Made To Order haul this coming weekend. The models come from the Tomb Kings, Orc & Goblin, Vampire Count and Ogre Kingdoms ranges.

Settra - Warhammer Fantasy

Leading the way is Settra aboard his scythed chariot. He is one of the coolest looking characters for the Tomb Kings range and whilst those skeletal horses will always look very weird indeed the mounted model on the back is stunning.

He is then matched by the return of Queen Khalida.

Queen Khalida - Warhammer Fantasy

Whilst I never looked at the Tomb Kings as a force to consider on the tabletop I did like the Queen Khalida miniature. The mask was the thing that sold it for me and the array of jewels and more that could be spotted about her person, speaking to her royal lineage.

Vampire Counts

As well as the Tomb Kings we also saw Zacharius The Everliving for those looking to add to their Vampire Count forces.

Zacharius The Everliving - Warhammer Fantasy

He is a very old model, of course, featuring a lot of the old design choices that Games Workshop used on the Old World models, but he would be an interesting new stand-in for armies in Age Of Sigmar.

There's no reason you can't still work him into an older army, as many of us still have our huge armies from Warhammer Fantasy.

Orcs & Goblins

Speaking of old models, we also have Grom The Paunch here that many will remember.

Grom The Paunch - Warhammer Fantasy

This chap is quite the classic and whilst he wouldn't fit with the aesthetic of the Orruks now I think he might be something that fans of the hobby might want to paint up and give a new lease of life. I love the model design...even if the wolves pulling the chariot would do with an update.

Gorbad Ironclaw is also making himself known once more as one of the big characters from 7th and 8th Edition with his newer model below.

Gorbad Ironclaw - Warhammer Fantasy

I remember clashing with him many times with my Dwarf army. I always liked the model as well, leaping forward to crush his foes, even if he did have a massive case of foot-on-rock-syndrome.

Ogre Kingdoms

Last but not least we have the model for Greasus Goldtooth on his luxurious flotilla of Gnoblars. Another model which truly showed off the dark comedy of the Warhammer Fantasy world which drew so many of us into the world.

Greasus Goldtooth - Warhammer Fantasy

Once again, it would be a big project for someone to work on for their mantlepiece perhaps. I still maintain that I can't really get my head around using so many of the 'old' models for something like Age Of Sigmar.

I think that the aesthetic clash is too much for me. Be it Freeguild, the Dispossessed or something as simple as Games Workshop using the old Orcs for the new Orruks...I just think it doesn't look right to me.

I know why they've done it, to allow them to bring people in who have some of the older models, but I hope that eventually all of those old models will be phased out to fit the new look of Age Of Sigmar.

Don't get me wrong...if I could keep getting Warhammer Fantasy Battles models I would love that; just not for Age Of Sigmar.

What do you think of these older models?

"...which truly showed off the dark comedy of the Warhammer Fantasy world which drew so many of us into the world"

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