HeroHammer Fanzine Issue #1 Now Available To Snap Up!

March 9, 2021 by brennon

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The Crown Of Command Podcast has been working with a dedicated team to create a new fanzine celebrating the era of classic Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Issue One of HeroHammer is now available for you to download for free!

Hero Hammer Issue #1

HeroHammer Issue #1 // The Crown Of Command Podcast

Taking some of the excellent artwork that has adorned the Warhammer Fantasy Army Books of the past as well as a multitude of amazing miniatures, this team has put together a fanzine that is packed with articles for Oldhammer fans.

It might not be surprising that I was already sucked into this issue because not only does it deal with the fiendish Greenskins of Warhammer but also mighty Dwarfen armies too. I have just a handful of these old metal miniatures in my collection but I wish I'd been collecting the bearded folk back then rather than The Empire!

Night Goblins Showcase

Night Goblins Showcase // The Crown Of Command Podcast

Not only does the fanzine dive into some great showcases of the miniatures that make up these armies but you also get to see how they got painted. Additionally, you'll also find some fun looks at tactics and army building tips too. There is even an interview with Kev Adams who is master of the Goblin!

Chaos Dwarf Army Showcase

Chaos Dwarf Army Showcase // The Crown Of Command Podcast

The entirety of the first issue feels like a loving look back at Warhammer and The Old World. This isn't just represented in the style and layout of the fanzine but also the tone that is used in the writing. It feels very much like diving back into a White Dwarf of old.

There are even a few Battle Reports in the mix including an excellent one surrounding a clash at a Dwarfen brewery.

Attack On The Brewery Battle Report

Attack On The Brewery Battle Report // The Crown Of Command Podcast

I think you can see why this magazine is worth diving into! Considering that this is a free endeavour, it's very well put together and it won't cost you anything to give it a read. If you like the HeroHammer fanzine then it might be worth sharing it with your Oldhammer buddies too.

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up HeroHammer Issue One?

"...not only does it deal with the fiendish Greenskins of Warhammer but also mighty Dwarfen armies too"

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