Look Back At Warhammer Heroes Of Order In New Made To Order Haul

September 5, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop looks back to the World That Was with another round of Made To Order Heroes for you to include in your Warhammer Fantasy Battles collections or maybe re-purpose for games of Age Of Sigmar if you wished.

Fay Enchantress - Warhammer Fantasy

We start off with the Fay Enchantress from the now forgotten kingdom of Bretonnia in the Old World. Drawing on plenty of Arthurian takes to construct their background this was certainly one of the sides about these resplendent knights that I enjoyed. The Enchantress and the Green Knight were two of the models I always dreamed of owning.

All of the models seen here will be available to order from the Games Workshop webstore for ONE WEEK from this weekend, so be sharpish if you'd like them!

Following up on her we also have Louen Leoncoeur himself, masterful tactician and the final King of Bretonnian.

Louen Leoncoeur - Warhammer Fantasy

These models might not have much use on the tabletop nowadays but you could repurpose them to be part of the Freeguild in Age Of Sigmar if you so desired. Or, you could just snap them up and add them into your old Warhammer Fantasy Battles armies if you missed out on them whilst they were on general sale.

Coldblooded Killers

If we take ourselves back in time for a moment I can remember the first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles I was exposed to. The starter set came with Bretonnians clashing against Lizardmen like these fellows. Here we have Ozyotl with blowpipe at the ready...

Ozyotl - Warhammer Fantasy

...and Tenehauin. I might have picked up a few models from this set from a friend but I don't think I ever fully delved into these armies. I think it was all of the bright colours as they didn't mesh well with my painting talent at the time.

Tenehauin - Warhammer Fantasy

As you can see though, Tenehauin has put paid to some interlopers in his realm. You'd be surprised how often the Skaven found themselves in Lustria, especially under the command of Grey Seer Thanquol.

Unlike with the Bretonnians above these models would still be a good fit for someone looking to bring the Seraphon to the table in Age Of Sigmar.

Magnificent Moustaches

If you like the idea of marching to battle at the head of an Empire force then they have also included both Kurt Helborg here. I always loved this model, charging forth on his steed in full plate armour, ready to smash into the arrayed ranks of Beastmen that have poured forth from the forest.

Kurt Helborg - Warhammer Fantasy

He is then matched against more impressive facial hair from Ludwig Schwarzhelm.

Ludwig Schwarzhelm - Warhammer Fantasy

As the personal bodyguard of Karl Franz and Battle Standard Bearer for the Emperor, Ludwig is a masterful warrior you'd want to throw into your force. You would imagine that in the Mortal Realms he would have been one of the chosen to become a Stormcast Eternal by Sigmar considering the events of The End Times.

Every hero needs his second and Ludwig is very much that.

Runes & Grudges

Last but not least we have a couple of different releases for those who like their Dwarfs (should be Dwarves, but that's GW for you). Leading the way is Thorgrim himself atop his throne.

Thorgrim - Warhammer Fantasy

With the Book Of Grudges before him, Thorgrim is able to inspire great loyalty in his followers. He is no slouch in combat either, bringing some serious pain to the battlefield with the Axe Of Grimnir he holds in his gauntleted hands. The other axe was believed to be held by Gotrek!

We also have the master Runesmith Thorek Ironbrow and his assistant Kraggi. I have this model and it was a lot of fun to paint, especially the glowing runes around the base.

Thorek - Warhammer Fantasy

These models are a great reminder of the amazing characters and lore that Games Workshop were able to craft with Warhammer Fantasy. It is still a shame that we lost the chance to play that 'officially' on the tabletop but there are still old rulebooks out there and other options like 9th Age for those who love their rank n' file games.

Hopefully, in years to come people will view Age Of Sigmar and the new history of the Mortal Realms with the same reverence.

What do you think of these new Made To Order offerings?

"Hopefully, in years to come people will view Age Of Sigmar and the new history of the Mortal Realms with the same reverence..."

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