New Art Previews Pop Up For Warhammer: The Old World

October 17, 2022 by brennon

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It has been a rather long time since we heard anything about Warhammer: The Old World, the BIG project by Games Workshop to bring The World That Was back to the tabletop. Well, last week, we got a look at more artwork for The Old World. Maybe not such a good idea that some folks burned their High Elf armies I guess...

Bretonnian Peasant Archer - Warhammer The Old World

Bretonnian Peasant Archer // Warhammer: The Old World

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From what the team have been saying, they have been designing miniatures, painting, writing lore, doodling illustrations and working on graphic design. It all sounds like they have been doing quite a lot behind the scenes and the game is going in the right direction. The artwork is certainly hitting all the right notes, managing to tick those grimdark boxes.

Bretonnian Knight - Warhammer The Old World

Bretonnian Knight // Warhammer: The Old World

The first of the art pieces have been focused on the Bretonnians. For example, you have the Peasant Archer (above) in the colours of Lord Gastille, Red Hand Of Brionne. You also have this splendid-looking Knight Of The Realm who also finds themselves fighting for Lord Gastille. I like that they've kept the grubby-yet-regal look to a lot of the designs so it captures that classic Medieval feel of the Bretonnians.

Following on from the Bretonnians, we also had some artwork for another one of the "squatted" armies of The End Times. The Tomb Kings are back out in force with Chariots and more.

Tomb Kings Chariot - Warhammer The Old World

Tomb Kings Chariot // Warhammer: The Old World

What's interesting about what Games Workshop has said is that they are working away on plenty of new miniatures. Now, we knew that was happening anyway when it came to the likes of Kislev and Cathay but it will be interesting to see how many new miniature designs pop up within the well-trod factions of The Old World.

Are we going to see entirely refreshed ranges for the armies of Warhammer: The Old World or use of the previously released line in plastic and (Made To Order) metal? Perhaps we're going to get a mix of the two?

Not to be outdone, we also got a great look at this fabulous Orc Boar Boy who is charging into the action. A wonderful look at the classic Orc in all his glory.

Orc Boar Boy - Warhammer The Old World

Orc Boar Boy // Warhammer: The Old World

It's nice to see that the aesthetic of those well-known Old World armies hasn't been changed or updated too much. We've seen a lot of changes to the look of Kislev and the like but it feels like the likes of The Empire, Bretonnia, Orcs and such have all retained much of what people liked about them back in the day.

An Updated Map!

We also got an updated map for The Old World showing off what we can expect when it comes to the scope of the game.

Updated Map - Warhammer The Old World OCT

Updated Map // Warhammer: The Old World

With Total War: Warhammer expanding the reaches of the map throughout its three games, it makes sense that we'd get a much more detailed look at places as far-reaching as The Bad Lands and The Border Princes to name two locations.

The Old World also takes place during a time period before the height of The Empire as folks knew it from the end of 8th Edition. So, there is a lot of scope for them to do a bit more world-building and introduce us to new armies, characters and more.

A lot of work has gone into The Old World so far and I think next year, we're going to be seeing more and more news. I doubt miniatures will be popping up for a looooong while but hopefully, we will get a bit more information on the time period and the mechanics they have chosen to go with.

Are you still feeling the hype for Warhammer: The Old World?

"...hopefully, we will get a bit more information on the time period and the mechanics they have chosen to go with"

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