Exploring Movement In Warhammer: The Old World In New Preview

November 8, 2023 by brennon

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Games Workshop have dropped another Old World Almanack article this week looking at The Movement Phase in Warhammer: The Old World. Have they managed to walk the line between the older versions of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and some new ideas?

Bretonnian Knights Art - Warhammer The Old World

Bretonnian Knights Art // Warhammer: The Old World

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First up, the design team talked about formations. Regiments can now take up a number of different formations including Close and Open Order, Skirmish and the famous Lance formation that the Knights Of The Realm use. It seems like that's coming back with a vengeance despite Gerry's protestations!

Formations - Warhammer The Old World

Formations // Warhammer: The Old World

Close and Open Order are familiar to those who have played Warhammer Fantasy before and whilst Skirmish isn't anything new, it's not something that a lot of folks will be wildly familiar with. Your ranked up units will have to pivot and wheel their way around the battlefield whilst those in Skirmish Formation will be able to move more like a unit from games like Warhammer 40,000 or Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. The Lance Formation is just one of the special formations that might be adopted by your troops that come with their own benefits and downsides.

As well as Formations, you'll also have Orders that you can adopt. There is the Combat Order which is where the unit is wider than it is deep. This enables you to maximise your attacks in combat and help you win the day.

Order - Warhammer The Old World

Order // Warhammer: The Old World

In a move from the traditional, Warhammer: The Old World will now also adopt the Marching Column which won't be a stranger to Historical wargames. When a unit adopts this position they will enhance their movement potential, being able to move at triple their normal speed. Beware getting caught in Marching Column though!

As Warhammer: The Old World is returning to the rank-and-flank gameplay of classic Fantasy warfare, that means you're going to have to get your head around wheeling your miniatures around the battlefield. It seems like they've made things "just complicated enough" without it feeling like a slog.

Manoeuvres - Warhammer The Old World

Manoeuvres // Warhammer: The Old World

From there, you've also got the different orders you can dive during the Movement Phase. Charge is still in there alongside Charge Reactions like Hold or Stand And Shoot. You could also Flee should you be a yellow-bellied coward! Some units can also Countercharge if they've got the fury to do it. Charges are worked out by rolling two dice and picking the highest to add to your Movement but special rules and more will allow you to mitigate for bad luck.

You've also then got your normal moves around the battlefield with a Move or March and there are also Compulsory Moves like those for feeling units and others like whirling Night Goblins and stupid Trolls.

This all sounds fairly similar to the Warhammer of old but with a few bits and pieces changed here and there. I imagine it is going to be one of those games where you play things one way only to realise you've fallen back into 8th, 7th or 6th Edition habits!

Will you be picking up Warhammer: The Old World?

"This all sounds fairly similar to the Warhammer of old but with a few bits and pieces changed here and there..."

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