Join The Fight & Spread The Word – Battle For Xilos Campaign Underway

June 24, 2016 by brennon

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The Battle for Xilos rages from Warlord Games - the Beyond the Gates of Antares online campaign is well under-way, and initial reports suggest that it is the forces of the Concord Combined Command and the Ghar Empire which have gained the upper-hand at this early stage of the Landings...


Having established a tentative foothold upon the planet, all of the forces are now looking to move further into the Xilos jungles to uncover the secrets of the builder planet...

The first week's fighting has taken a toll upon the initial landing forces - calls for reinforcements ring-out across the IMTel... more forces are needed if each of the factions is to maintain the pressure.

Register & Spread The Word

If you haven't yet registered for the campaign, you can do so by clicking on the link below...

Join The Fight Commander

If you are already registered and fighting on the front line, now is the time to call for reinforcement - new players will bring new forces and new opportunities to tackle whatever menace we face upon the planet's surface.

It is time for a signal boost - use whatever means you have at your disposal to broadcast the message - reinforcements are needed in The Battle for Xilos...

  • Are you a master of Photoshop? - Why not create recruitment posters?
  • Do you have an Antares-related Podcast? - It's time for a recruitment drive!
  • Perhaps you write a wargaming blog? - Spread the message

Whatever means you have at your disposal - now is the time to call-in additional forces, recruit new players to join the fight, and turn the tide in your favour! Post your materials in the comments section below, and we'll award prizes to some of our favourites!

Get commenting and sharing folks!

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