Block The Path Of Your Foe With Warmachine’s Convergence

June 8, 2013 by brennon

As well as Hordes in the pipeline the newest faction for Warmachine is also in the works from Privateer Press. Check out the unit known as the Obstructors below and try and stop the shiny syndrome taking over.


"Having achieved the first step in their greater journey among the Convergence by having their souls installed in intricate clockwork vessels, obstructors know neither fatigue nor pain. In battle their shields interlock through an intricate mechanism of gears to present an unbreakable steel wall to their enemies. They serve as the primary cogs around which the greater Convergence army is ordered."

That all sounds insanely awesome and is an incredibly cool idea for a unit. I really do hope that when they're lined up well enough they do actually link shields with each other on the tabletop.

The Convergence are fast becoming a favourite for Warmachine and they might actually get me interested in the game. After all, the painting should be pretty easy right?

Is Convergence for you?

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