Bloodthirsty Pirates Raid The Coasts Of Warmachine’s Immoren

March 1, 2018 by brennon

Privateer Press is unfurling the mainsail and heading out into treacherous waters with their latest batch of previews and releases for Warmachine. The Cryxian pirates are abroad...

Jussika Bloodtongue - Warmachine

Leading the way we have Jussika Bloodtongue...

"Feared by all in the port towns of the Broken Coast who know of her exploits as “the Queen of Blood,” the blighted trollkin Jussika Bloodtongue is a favoured lieutenant of Slaughterborn, a brutal taskmaster who leads hosts of Bloodgorgers and marauders in great orgies of destruction. She has become one of the most dreaded and infamous trollkin in the Scharde Islands."

I wouldn't want to get in her way as she slaughters her away across the coastline of Immoren. I really like the model design, especially the blighted look that is apparent in her facial features. In typical trollkin style she still has an element of the comic about her with the little fellow on her base, blunderbuss at the ready.

Next up we have the Black Ogrun Iron Mongers.

Black Ogrun Iron Mongers - Warmachine

"Iron mongers are black ogrun metalsmiths who combine their craft with rituals of blood and dark magic. The blood-forged weapons they create would be a reason enough for any captain to take iron mongers on as crew, but these ogrun are also skilled in the repair and maintenance of Cryxian ’jacks."

You'll always need deckhands ready to repair things and that's where these fellows come in. As well as keeping your weapons and armour in good order you will need someone to make your howling Warjacks look terrifying on the battlefield and keep them in the fight.

The Satyxis

Burly warriors are not the only raiders abroad as Cryx can also call on the Satyxis Blood Priestess and her kin.

Satyxis Blood Priestess - Warmachine

"Blood priestesses preserve the ancient traditions of Satyxis blood magic, worshipping the very act of bloodletting itself. Able to harness the arcane force of spilt vitality, these priestesses perform sacred rituals of primal power that predate Toruk's reign. Wetting their sacral blades in the blood of their fresh victims they evoke potent spells and safeguard the lives of those they deem worthy, including such eminent figures as the Queen of the Broken Coast."

If she didn't make your blood run cold with that terrifyingly cold iron mask and deadly curved sword, then her Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch might make you quake in fear.

Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch - Warmachine

"Striking without warning, the savage and cruel Satyxis are the terror of the Broken Coast. Belonging to an ancient tradition in which sailing is as natural as breathing, these fierce warrior women believe nothing in life to be sweeter than plunder and slaughter. The Satyxis savage their victims with the tearing barbs of their enchanted lacerators or break their bones with smashing blows of their twisted horns."

The models look awesome and packed with plenty of motion. The set does continue down the path of featuring duplicate figures but because of the dynamic poses, you'd probably not notice on the tabletop.

Themed Force

As well as these models which are coming out between March 16th and the 23rd, there is also this new Themed Force. If you like the idea of evil pirates then maybe the Slaughter Fleet Raiders are for you?

Cryx Slaughter Fleet Raiders Theme Force

Inside the set you get...

  • General Gerlak Slaughterborn
  • Bloodgorgers
  • Black Ogrun Ironmongers
  • Jussika Bloodtongue
  • Scharde Dirge Seers
  • Misery Cage

...offering up a proper themed force which works together nicely on the tabletop and comes with its own benefits. It can then be combined with a Cryx Battlegroup Box to make a thirty-five point army.

What do you make of these new raiders?

"If you like the idea of evil pirates then maybe the Slaughter Fleet Raiders are for you?"

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