Ciannor’s Risen Awaken Once More For Warmachine

May 9, 2014 by brennon

More repackaging is on the way for the world of Warmachine from Privateer Press. This time around it's Alexia Ciannor & The Risen who looks like quite the awesome woman with a great story to tell...

Alexia Ciannor & The Risen

"Obsessed with finding a way to bring her murdered mother back from the dead, Alexia Ciannor has turned to the life of a mercenary to increase her knowledge of death magic. By wielding the vile and legendary sword the Witchfire, she raises and controls the dead with startling ease, but the relic’s dark whispers bring Alexia to the brink of madness."

Now this is one awesome looking miniature set. I think Alexia as a leader model is awesome and the actual horde of undead is brilliant. So many possibilities away from the world of Warmachine as well!

The chap in the centre with the two handed sword would make a brilliant boss creature for a dungeon for example!

Do you think you'll pick this up?

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