The Ground Rumbles As The Rhulic Earthbreaker Appears

September 25, 2013 by brennon

We knew it was coming since before Gen Con and now it's finally arrived in fully painted glory. See what you think of the Ghordson Earthbreaker for the Rhulic Mercenaries of Warmachine by Privateer Press...

Ghordson Earthbreaker

Now that is one monstrous piece of Colossal kit...

"When the wealthiest Rhulic clans need to leverage immense power—whether at a construction site or on the battlefield—they mobilize the Ghordson Earthbreaker. This hulking construct, outfitted with drilling torpedoes and massive steam claws, can level opposing soldiers and warjacks as easily as it moves mountains of earth. While these great machines were once employed only within Rhul, the emergence of colossals in the wars of the Iron Kingdoms has motivated Rhulic mercenary warcasters to invest in Ghordson Earthbreakers to maintain their competitive edge."

Now I like the Conquest and the Mountain King for Khador and Trollbloods but I have to say that Privateer Press seem to have outdone themselves when it comes to the Mercenary Colossals. I love the look of both this one and the Galleon that we already have access to.

Annoyingly this just made my shiny syndrome spark off once again and now I'm genuinely considering getting into Rhulics for Mercenaries. I am making sure to repress this with the knowledge that my painting table is still heaving.

What do you think of this beast who will be coming in the standard collection of resin and white metal pieces?

Drop a comment below.

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