The Fires Of Menoth Burn With New Flameguard & Idrians!

August 7, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press isn't just adding to the world of Hordes. The Temple Flameguard and Idrian Skirmishers are also joining the forces of Menoth for Warmachine and you can check them out below...

Temple Flameguard

"The unwavering Temple Flameguard comprises the Protectorate of Menoth’s much-vaunted last line of defense. This blazing tide of devoted warriors washes over their foes, swiftly striking down those who dare to oppose the divine will of the Creator."

Idrian Skirmishers

"Masters of the unpredictable and lethal terrain of the Bloodstone Marches, most Idrian tribesmen converted to the Lawgiver but preserved their nomadic ways. They excel at stalking, ambush, and desert warfare and have turned these talents to the service of Menoth. With their ancient, curved blades and newly adopted rifles, these ruthless warriors cut down enemies for faith and coin across all nations of Immoren."

These are certainly some neat additions to Menoth and with the Flameguard being plastic that's a big boon when it comes to getting these together. I had the chance to see Menoth in action yesterday and I do like the amount of fire they can pour out onto their foes.

Are Menoth your faction of choice?

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