More Khador Goodness Coming Your Way For Warmachine

March 12, 2018 by brennon

Over at Party Foul, they have managed to find some neat new images of what's coming your way for Khador thanks to Privateer Press. As one of the staple factions in Warmachine it's neat to see them getting an upgrade.

Sorscha - Warmachine

Leading the way we have this new version of Sorcha, now clad in some heavy Man-O-War armour and ready to get stuck into the thick of the fighting. Now that's how you do a woman warrior in armour. She looks like she would be able to take the frontlines all by herself with that arm cannon!

We also saw this preview as part of the update on her with this Warjack hunkering down behind some hefty shields.

Khador #1 - Warmachine

I will add, that is a shield with some added kick. it looks a lot like the Demolisher but somewhat revamped. It certainly falls into the Khador stereotype of being uncrackable nuts with hefty defences on their side.

Clobberin' Time

We also saw this rather awesome looking solo that will be making his way onto the tabletop.

Butcher - Warmachine

With a big hair of hammers at his command, this fellow looks like he could pound pretty much anyone into the ground.

The Man-O-War crew is in full assault too with some new additions of their own, a perfect theme for this updated take on Khador. Why wear light armour when you could go all in and wear something heavy right?

Khador #2 - Warmachine

No doubt we're going to see some wonderful painted examples of what we're seeing here in the near future. Until then though I think you'll agree that the sculpting work is very much on form here for Khador.

Khador #3 - Warmachine

Could these new upgrades to the Khador force be what swings you back into Warmachine, or maybe has you buying up a new force to add to a collection?

Drop your thoughts below...

"She looks like she would be able to take the frontlines all by herself with that arm cannon!"

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