Privateer Press Create Quite An Enigma For Convergence

February 5, 2014 by brennon

Privateer Press are continuing their love for all things robotic with another upcoming release for the Convergence. See what you think of the rather cryptic Enigma Foundry below...

Enigma Foundry

"Thanks to the miracle of the clockwork vessel, a member of the Convergence might live a thousand lifetimes upon Caen—provided his soul’s essence chamber remains safe from the predations of enemies. It is the enigma foundries that are essential for safeguarding the essence chambers. They are charged with recovering the souls of those who fall in battle and equipped to rapidly reconstruct clockwork vessels from parts salvaged from the battlefield."

It sounds at the same time both creepy, and very cool indeed. I like the almost religious slant to it, with the praying hands clasped in front of it's all seeing robotic eye as it wanders the battlefield looking to repair the fallen.

Another rather cool and inventive contraption for the Convergence and really does show where the imagination can wander. I think it was a great idea to add this new faction to Warmachine.

What do you think?

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