Begin The Rise of The Machines With New Convergence

January 9, 2014 by brennon

Privateer Press are back in Warmachine mode and they have quite the selection of machines on offer soon for the Convergence of Cyriss. See what you think of the Assimilator, Conservator, Modulator and Corollary below...




"The arcane displacer drive represented a major breakthrough in vector design. Freed from the hampering influence of gravity, heavy vectors equipped with this technology—such as the Conservator, Assimilator, and Modulator—gain unparalleled freedom of movement. The Conservator is equipped with heavy shields and low-traction gyros that allow it to intercept attacks. The Assimilator fires its dissevering microswarm launcher to shower the target area with an explosion of bladed gears. Coruscating with electrostatic energy along its hull, the Modulator can channel this charge into a bolt of pure energy that electrocutes everything in its path."

Those are all very cool looking bits of mechanical kit and I like that they are continuing with a selection of floating Warjacks or Vectors, over the walking ones. I think of the three above the Modulator is my favourite with those mean looking guns.


"Unlike other vectors, whose primary function is to apply destructive force, the Corollary is designed to support its warcaster and allied forces in more complex ways. Its internal compartments house a suite of arcane accumulators that store the residual energies generated by a warcaster and his battlegroup in combat. These energies are captured by irises recessed in the Corollary’s hull and then dispensed at the warcaster’s command to empower other vectors, making the warcaster exponentially more efficient."

Helping along the battlegroup is the Corollary which is another example of the support aspect of playing Convergence. I've played against them a few times now and I think they are a bit like a finely tuned machine (fitting really). If you get one thing wrong the whole thing comes apart so they have to be precise and 'run like clockwork'.

You can get some sickening combinations out of them.

What do you think?

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