Privateer’s Special Christmas Miniature Previews Hit The Internet

September 13, 2017 by brennon

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Privateer Press is going to be doing their Twelve Days Of Christmas model selection again this year and we've got a sneaky look at what they might be thanks to Party Foul once again.


One of the models that immediately caught my attention was this monstrous looking Trollblood fellow here. He looks like he's suited and booted for a winter excursion and I think he'd be great painted up in that style as well, like a frost troll from the caves high in the mountains.

This is matched by some equally large creations from Retribution Of Scyrah.


Now, this looks like it could be some kind of duel kit malarky where you can change out the weapon options and such to create the different Warjacks. I have to say I prefer the one below with those arm blades.

Retribution (Alt)

Things then get a bit scarier when you drop this fellow from the Grymkin into the mix. I think that would be one of the most effective scarecrows in the field if you put this down. Forget the birds, I don't think the people would be using your field either!


This then leads to a whole bunch of other characters that popped up. You'll have to forgive me that I don't know the names of many of these so maybe you can fill me in below in the comments?

A Plethora Of Characters!

They appear to have made sure that there is a miniature to cover each of the different factions across both Warmachine & Hordes.

Character #1

Character #2

I particularly like this next one as I think they've done a superb job with the way the model attaches to the base. The strange ghostly nature of the model is fascinating and it looks like it has come out of that jar, ready to unleash its power.

Character #5

You can then mount up with something a bit more physical as this chap from Menoth gets chucked into the mix. That truly is one hell of a charger that he's riding although I think the on-foot version is better.

Character #6

We're also seeing a couple of sets which bring together a few miniatures rather than focusing on just one. Here we have these witches...

Characters #3

...and these wild hog-warrior women who are just waiting to smash you into smithereens.

Characters #4

As you can see they've got quite a lot of awesome miniatures on the way for the various factions and this isn't all of them either.

What do you think of their selection and do you have any favourites?

"They appear to have made sure that there is a miniature to cover each of the different factions across both Warmachine & Hordes..."

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