New Heavily Armoured Officers Land For Warlord’s Konflikt ’47

May 18, 2018 by brennon

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Warlord Games has added some new units to their Konflikt '47 collection, giving you new leaders to stand at the forefront of your army. We start with some Armoured Officers for the US...

Konflikt '47 US Armoured Officers - Warlord Games

Outfitted in the best armour and being able to carry heavy guns into battle these soldiers are more than a match for most infantry platoons and could even harry a light vehicle I'd imagine! However, and maybe it's my Atlantic bias, I think the British Armoured Officers look even better.

Konflikt '47 British Armoured Officers - Warlord Games

The sculpting on these three is awesome and I love that fellow at the front with his magnificent moustache. The chap at the back (right) also has a proper Imperial Guard look about him! The style of the armour, mimicking plate armour rather than something more futuristic, is probably why these work for me.

Upcoming Italians

As well as the Allies, the Axis are also getting themselves from new armoured troops. The Italians are going to be the focus of an upcoming book, Defiance, and that means Roman-esque armoured soldiers!

Konflikt '47 Heavy Italian Infantry - Warlord Games

Hefty looking fighters that are made to resemble the powerful Roman infantry and Gladiators of the Ancient period. I think these look awesome and would certainly draw me towards playing as Italians when it came to Konflikt '47!

Good Dog!

As well as these hefty soldiers we also have some faithful hounds to back up your infantry. There is not one but two British War Dog packs which will be available for you to snap up.

Konflikt '47 British War Dog Squad #1 - Warlord Games

These dogs have been bred and trained to be deadly battlefield companions. With the addition of strange new technologies, they have also been enhanced into dangerous killing machines.

Konflikt '47 British War Dog Squad #2 - Warlord Games

I wouldn't want to be facing these as they raced around inside the house I holed up in! Used at the right time I could see these War Dog Squads being a lot of fun to play with. Imagine them being used as part of a patrol scenario where another force is trying to sneak into a base?

What do you think of these new Weird World War offerings?

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