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Go In Style With ZEN Terrain’s New Suicide Booth


What I immediately mistook for a toilet is actually ZEN Terrain’s new Suicide Booth terrain piece which is coming out soon on their webstore.

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ZEN Terrain’s MTV Badger Rolls Onto The Battlefield


ZEN Terrain have finished their impressive MTV, Badger, and it’s ready for battle. With three different turret options it can fulfil a few different battlefield roles.

ZEN Terrain Shows Off New Concept Art For More Norse Huts


ZEN Terrain is showing off some great concept art for three new Norse Huts for their Norsgard range. Just think of the viking village you can put together with these lovely MDF kits.

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Fight Over The Shrine From ZEN Terrain For Norsgard


An additional Norsgard terrain piece has popped up from ZEN Terrain for you to use in your games. This Shrine is useful for the standard scenario in the game where you’ll be battling over this…

ZEN Terrain Built A Stunning Mead Hall For Norsgard


Is your viking village in need of some buildings? ZEN Terrain will be releasing their Mead Hall, designed for Norsgard, tomorrow, which will add some wonderful detail to your fantasy game tables offering playable terrain both inside and out.

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ZEN Terrain Get A New Armoured MTV Ready For Battle


ZEN Terrain don’t just work on buildings; they also design a lot of really awesome looking HDF/MDF vehicles too. This is their latest prototype project, an Armoured MTV for use in your Near Future and Sci-Fi armies.

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ZEN Finish Off Their Sci-Fi L-HAB Terrain


ZEN Terrain have now finished their L-HAB building which is looking superb and useful for all manner of Sci-Fi games.

ZEN Terrain Get To Work On A New Sci-Fi L-Hab Building


ZEN Terrain have been back to the workbench to see about making a new Sci-Fi building. The end result is this new L-Hab structure which looks like it would be a pretty swanky apartment to find in a cyberpunk setting or any other Sci-Fi world…

A Mead Hall Is Erected By ZEN Terrain For Norsgard


I always like Dark Age and Nordic paraphernalia so when ZEN Terrain showed off the test builds for their new Mead Hall for Norsgard I was very eager to take a closer look.

ZEN Terrain’s Neon Adverts Flood The Streets With Light


ZEN Terrain have shown off some of their upcoming accessories for their Sci-Fi terrain. This time around they are impressing us with some awesome Neon Signs which will help bring a glow to the drenched streets of some Cyberpunk city…

ZEN Terrain Reveal Their Impressive Sci-Fi Police Station


ZEN Terrain have added an impressive new structure to their webstore. These guys really have been making some superb terrain and the Police Station is no different…

ZEN Show Off Their Skills With Preview Of Cargo Crane Terrain


These guys at ZEN Terrain must have over-active imaginations and a desire to go bigger and crazier with their terrain sets as they have shown off the prototype for another big terrain piece, the Cargo Crane.

ZEN Terrain Finish Work On Their Sci-Fi Buggy


ZEN Terrain have shown off the finished prototype for their Sci-Fi Buggy that will be tweaked to become the final product soon. It has both a version with a mounted gun and then the police car option that we’ve seen before…

ZEN Terrain Has Brought Out Some Fantastic Scatter Cargo Boxes


Need some scatter terrain for your games? ZEN Terrain has launched a new Cargo Boxes set that offers various sized boxes for you to stack or scatter about on your table.

Weekender: Battle Systems Terrain In The Studio Going Post-Apocalyptic

3 years ago 362

On today’s Weekender we’re
taking a look at some awesome
Battle Systems Terrain,
keeping you in the know
and Warpath 2.0
Different game scales.

ZEN Terrain Put Together A Prototype MDF Car


ZEN Terrain have been doing some impressive stuff with MDF over the past few months designing terrain that would be perfect for Sci-Fi games like Infinity. With that in mind see what you think of their latest prototype for a vehicle, a small smart car…

Weekender: New Star Wars X-Wing Set Spotted & FoW Team Yankee Previews

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New Force Awakens
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terrain and Team
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ZEN Terrain Set You Up In Sci-Fi Styled HAB1


If you’re looking for another piece of interesting terrain for the likes of Infinity or MERCS then see what you make of the HAB1 Building by ZEN Terrain who do a plethora of awesome pieces for Sci-Fi gaming tables…

Take Command With The Control Centre By ZEN Terrain


ZEN Terrain have showed off another cool piece of terrain in the works for their Sci-Fi range. I could see their new Command Centre being part of a cool Infinity tabletop and if you battered it up suitably well you could even imagine it on a battlefield as troops valiantly fight up ahead…

Zen Terrain Tease Upcoming Range For Cyberpunk HINT


Zen Terrain have teased that they are going to be making terrain suitable for the Cyberpunk Board Game known as Human Interface: Nakamura Tower which had an awesome time on Kickstarter not long ago…

ZEN Terrain Add Some Greenery To Your Sci-Fi Tabletops


See what these orderly looking Modular Planters are like from ZEN Terrain that would be perfect for adding a touch of nature to an otherwise metal and plastic world.